the summary

The Feral Geographer is a cis-gendered white queer femme who lives on an island off the Western coast of Canada.

She really is a geographer, as evidenced by

  • A childhood obsession with maps
  • A university degree in the discipline
  • A current membership with the Canadian Association of Geographers

She really is feral too, or at least she strives to be… as evidenced by

  • A habit of skipping work in favour of reading/adventuring/making stuff
  • A predilection for scavenging items from the trash instead of buying them new
  • A preference for relying on community instead of the state to solve her problems

The Feral Geographer also identifies as an anarchist, a feminist, an activist, an anti-racist, and an artist. Oh yeah, and a bike geek: She loves bicycles. Other favourite things include DIY, science fiction, chapped lips, public transit, public radio, public libraries, figs, home canning, and critical analysis of just about anything. The Feral Geographer takes a stand against particle board, gates that stand alone with no fence on either side of them, and fruit salad; she urges you to do the same.

As FG has found geography to be more a matter of perspective rather than a way of earning a living, she is currently embarking on a new career as an electrician; you may notice that her adventures in this realm have provided much blog fodder. While the electrical career takes off (in maddening fits and starts), she has been filling her time with employment in other areas such as organic farming and water system management.  She prides herself on her adaptability.

Folks who appear in this blog include Oats, FG’s partner in life (and marriage); Ballou, the cat; and Mo, the dog.  FG shares a house with her friends, Captain Pestou and Sum, whose cats Gamin, Val, and Had, also make the occasional contribution to household drama.  Next door lives Jag, who has been friends with Oats since time immemorial, and thus is also part of FG’s chosen family.

There are probably more recurring characters who could do with pseudonyms, but it’s a work in progress.

Along with Mae Callen of Driving fast on loose gravel, FG administers Queer Canada Blogs, which is a blogroll of queers living in Canada as well as Canadian queers living elsewhere.

You can contact FG via feralgeographer at gmail dot com, follow her on Twitter @feral_g, and be her friend on Facebook and/or Goodreads.

A note about comments:
FG loves comments. However, if you use her real name, a readily-identifiable nickname, or anything that indicates her location in your comment, the Feral Geographer reserves the right to remove it from your comment. Thanks!


4 responses to “the summary

  1. Cool! Except for that bit about being against fruit salads. What do you have against them? :)

    • feralgeographer

      they usually have cantaloupe in them, which i dislike intensely. aside from that, there’s just too many flavours for me to cope with. also, they get all slimy when they’re left to sit for even a day. plus, with so many textures, it’s hard to notice any moldy bits before they reach your mouth.

      mostly though, i’m just prejudiced :)

      (also, the point has been argued that i’ll gladly enjoy multiple fruits chopped on my breakfast oatmeal… this is true, and i can’t explain it.)

  2. Leave out the cantaloupe and make them with complimenting or similar textures.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Button! Now it’s just become a family joke, about how I’ll eat fruit salad as long as no one calls it that. Apparently, it’s all in my head, heh heh.

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