Making plans for a little adventure


I’m making plans for a little adventure, and surprising even myself with how suddenly and easily it’s coming together:  On Monday, I’m taking the day off work, driving out to the ferry with the dog in tow, and riding the boat to a small nearby island.  Just for the day, which makes it a little adventure indeed.  But! The reason for this spur of the moment trip is that I’m going to meet someone: At long last, I hope to enjoy some face-to-face, In-Real-Life interactions with Mae Callen, who happens to be visiting my rainy coastal habitat.

MC has the distinction of being the only online friend of my Feral Geographer alter-ego who also has online connections to my real-life persona. I mean, the only friend I actually *met* online. Anyway, we have stayed in touch via social networking but have yet to meet in person… So exciting!

The thrill of seeing MC aside, I’m also just totally stoked to be getting out of town, even for a day.  And off this island, too!  Spring time means itchy feet for FG, who craves an open road almost as much as she craves a stable, cozy home…


2 responses to “Making plans for a little adventure

  1. This sounds awesome…meeting people you’ve known for a while online in meatspace is fun.

  2. feralgeographer

    Oh, “meatspace”! Do you really us that term?!! Ick, ick, ick! I’m laughing, but grossed-out by it… I keep picturing slaughterhouses, and remembering the smell of butchering chickens at the farm. Blech!

    But yes, my own weird aversions to some slang terminology aside, it IS so awesome! Thanks for reading, Ben!

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