Why #1: Because.

I realized today that I love my job.  It exhausts my body and engages my mind, and leaves me feeling open, feeling satisfied not just with what I learn each day but also with how much I just don’t know yet… And I even like my coworkers, which is a complete surprise.  Actually, loving this job overall is a complete surprise, because I only ever hoped that it might be like this.  Crazy to think that, considering how I didn’t exactly become an electrician overnight… It’s been a big fucking investment. What the hell was I thinking, jumping into this trade without having any idea if I’d like it?  And yet, I knew, somewhere.  And that’s one of my Why’s, one of my responses to the constantly asked question: I became an electrician because it’s what I wanted to be.


4 responses to “Why #1: Because.

  1. …and that is the best reason to be something:-)

  2. I’m in a career transition now myself…this post inspires me. Not necessarily to be an electrician but the idea that my future is so wide open and being what I want to be is a possibility.

  3. I recently started a career as an electrician, and wow, I made the right choice.

  4. I’m so glad!

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