A dress for a 30 year old.

I know I said I wasn’t into sharing much of my DIY projects these days, BUT… Here’s the dress I sewed myself for my birthday.  Well, I actually finished it yesterday, two weeks after my birthday, but I’m not counting.  It’s still my present to myself, and I’m just relieved that A) IT FITS and B) I LIKE IT.  I’d never made a dress before, or any complicated sewing pattern with more than two pieces, so this feels like quite the accomplishment.  Also, it only cost me a couple dollars, because I got the fabric from the thrift store… And as I may have mentioned before,  ready-to-wear dresses rarely fit me very well because my chest is around two sizes smaller than my hips.  In sewing for myself, this isn’t much of a problem:  All I had to do was use the right size for each portion of the dress, then figure out how to fit them together.  I love a good puzzle!  And I love making stuff, especially when it actually works out.


6 responses to “A dress for a 30 year old.

  1. I like it:-) looks very nice on you.

    • feralgeographer

      Thanks! It’s certainly made for the west coast: All unnatural materials, including iron-on fusing, which would just about kill me in the heat and humidity of your neck of the woods! Around here, though, the wind’s always blowing and now I’m wanting to sew a little sweater-thing to keep my shoulders warm ;)

  2. I like it and even though the post is about the dress can I just say that I LOVE your tattoo! Is it a red winged blackbird?

  3. feralgeographer

    Thanks, Julie! Yep, that’s a red winged blackbird, a tribute to the marshes of my childhood north of Toronto… They’re pretty uncommon out here, and most people think it’s a weird raven. I got it for my birthday 3 years ago, and planned on having the whole piece expanded to celebrate this year’s too! Then my artist canceled on me, and I haven’t been able to reschedule yet, which is driving me crazy… I never intended to become particularly tattooed, but am pretty stoked about how this one is growing.

  4. How lovely! Well-done…

    One of my Fall projects is to start sewing. The other project is to learn knitting.

    P.S: I like the shoes too, by the way!

  5. feralgeographer


    Yes, please start sewing… Do you know of http://malepatternboldness.blogspot.com/? A great blogger… He inspired me to sew a handsome dress shirt for Oats for her birthday! And http://www.burdastyle.com/ is a great resource too.

    Thanks for the compliment on the shoes! It’s my one seriously-femme habit: At thift stores, I always first check out the tools and craft supplies, and then it’s straight to the shoes. Vintage leather t-strap heels are my love!

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