Pride, and little creations

Monday morning after the big local Pride Week finale, and you’d think I’d have slept in. Instead, I was awake at 5 am, tired but buzzing with happy thoughts: A recurring theme these past several days. It’s hormones, I’m sure, but hey, at least I’m not wallowing in despair or full of inexplicable rage, as has been the case in the past.

On Friday, the Pride event for under-19-year-olds that my queer dance party collective organized was AMAZING. Around 50 kids showed up, and I personally was so nervous about everything going terribly wrong that it was more than halfway over before I realized how great it was. During the last minute organizing decisions, most of which centered around creating policies to safely deal with intoxicated youth, I realized that I’ve got no knowledge about or experience in working with teens. Luckily, lots of rad people stepped up with excellent ideas and protocols for creating respectful, fun, safe spaces! And I stuck to serving (non-alcoholic) drinks at the bar all evening, which gave me a great chance to have brief chats with most of the youth. I also had a fantastic view of the dance floor, so I can tell you with good authority that the youth were really into the DJ. At the end of the evening, we had a couple parents thank us as they picked up their kids, and even a few of the teens themselves made a point of letting us know how much they appreciated our work. I can’t say for certain that we’ll take on such a party again next year, but for now it feels nice to have had this success.

Yesterday at the Pride festival itself was another first for the collective: We actually had a table! For a loose, anarchistic group like ours, this was a big step. Since we still had the button maker we’d borrowed for the crafting station at the youth dance, we decided to bring it plus all the required supplies to Pride. It was so cool… People loved making buttons! And they couldn’t believe we weren’t charging anything. The funniest thing was how many folks asked if we were some kind of promo gear company, or other media business. No, just your local radical queer dance party collective, making stuff and having fun and co-creating a revolution… You know, the yooj.

I made A LOT of buttons, mostly just mini collages of text and images from magazine, plus glitter glue.  Almost all of them got snapped up by the people who stopped by the table but didn’t want to make their own… Which is going to be fun:  I hope I’ll randomly see these little creations of mine around town in the coming months!  I did manage to keep a few though, including the three on the left in the pic above… Oats made me the one on the right, because she said it looked like me.  Note to self:  Pink barrette? Also, consider sculpting eyebrows.


8 responses to “Pride, and little creations

  1. bookish butch

    Pat yourself on the back, good job:-) I love your buttons and the one I like the best? you guessed the girl reading, but, they’re all awesome.

  2. It was so good to run into yesterday!! You are on of those people that I adore that seems to have drifted to the outer circles of my life these days. I hope we get to see a bit more of each other this year. Hugs.

    • feralgeographer

      It was good to see you too! I’m so glad we chatted about the whole where-to-live thing… It was a much needed reminder that lots of my friends are actually having similar conversations, that it’s not just us who may be needing to leave this city. <3!

  3. That is fantastic! I’m glad Pride went well. Love the buttons!

    • feralgeographer

      Thanks, Amy! It was pretty much the best Pride I’ve ever had, even though I was too busy to attend the parade or do any partying… Or perhaps *because* I was too busy…? Hmmm….

  4. Your eyebrows aren’t already sculpted?

  5. feralgeographer

    Heh heh… They are now! Right after writing this, I went and had them threaded. But at the time of writing, I’d stopped plucking and had let my brows grow in completely… Not a bad look, but not much of statement either.

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