Birth of a journey(wo)man

I finished school last week: Amazing, how fast the second half of my course flew by!  My mark on the final exam was 80%, which was lower than the rest of my marks and yet combined with them to give me an A overall.  I’m happy enough with this.  Besides which, it’s trade school:  Few people really care that I did anything more than pass.  I’m one of those few, of course… As much as I resented the competition of academia during my past years at university, it still trained me to feel rewarded by a high grade ranking.

I called up the local union hall yesterday, to ask to be put back onto the “active” list for job openings, and the admin person asked what term I’m at in my apprenticeship.  That word always reminds me of pregnancy… And I suppose it’s fun, to think of my four years of apprenticeship as a very long gestational period… Birth of a journey(wo)man electrician, ha! Anyway, I replied that I just finished my Year 2 course, but only have around 600 hours of labour registered (when I need 6000 to qualify for journey status), so am not sure where that puts me.  “You’re second term,” she told me.  Good to know.

So much has happened since I wrote last.  Well, small things, nothing big, but it all feels different.  I had a brief chat with my mom last night, and she asked if I’d found a job yet.  I just laughed.  In the week since I wrote my final exam, I’ve attended a multi-day conference on sustainable building practices, hosted as well as attended a few dinner parties, made and planted a garden, taught a canning class, and participated in steering committee meetings for two different organizations.  In short, I’ve been damn busy.

There’s still so many things around the house that I let slide during the last weeks of school!  I need to do more laundry, clean the fridge, cook some ready meals to store in the freezer, sort my clothes to remove the items that need to be repaired or given away, sew new canvas seats for the deck chairs, and generally turn my attentions to being a kick-ass hausfrau.  I’m still collecting employment insurance, which takes off a lot of the pressure to worry about finding outside work immediately. If the union doesn’t call in the next week or so with a job, I’ll probably run out of enthusiasm for domestic duties and get to polishing my resume for delivery to the various electrical companies in town.  Until then, though, I’m pretty stoked about getting shit done around here.

And you, reader?  I’ve been neglecting even reading blogs lately, let alone writing in my own… How is your springtime going?


8 responses to “Birth of a journey(wo)man

  1. Hey there
    It seems the education route served you well. And you did well. Congrats. They can’t take your education from you. Now with that knowledge under your belt, make it pay out for you in work terms. Don’t settle for some crap job doing something you won’t enjoy.

    I think it is good that you multitask well. Being able to do a good number of things well is always a good thing. Maybe take a day or two to get that CV in order (anyways) do it now rather than wait for later. Don’t procrastinate because your on E.I.

    Stay on top of things. And let us know what happens.


  2. No need to feel guilty about getting an “A,” methinks, lol.

    Not been blogging much these days either – been having too much fun gardening! That’s what one does when nature throws you a very cold, very wet spring.

    • feralgeographer

      Hurrah for gardening! This is the first year that I’ve actually managed to get stuff growing early enough to enjoy fresh salads in May. Of course, our spring has been so much sunnier than yours… Good on you for getting out there!

  3. bookish butch

    Hey kiddo, congrats!! Second term, huh?

  4. I’ve been waiting over here for photos from your wedding. That is all.

  5. feralgeographer

    I know, I know… I’m sorry!!! You and my mother and everyone else, le sigh. It’s on this week’s to-do list, I promise!

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