Supervisor-kitty ensures success

Ballou decided to supervise my studying last night, as I prepared for the exam that I wrote first thing this morning.  In between the moments I captured in the photos below, she was rubbing against my face, which made my asthma flare up.  Thanks, kitty.

I suppose I can’t complain, however, because I scored a hundred percent on the test… When most of my classmates barely passed.  This is what I love about school, and miss whenever I’m not enrolled in some kind of course:  The thrill of achieving a fixed goal!  It’s just math, the high level stuff that my classmates grumble we’ll never use in “real life”, but I absolutely love losing myself in it.  It’s a sort of escapism, you know?

Cats are such strange creatures.


7 responses to “Supervisor-kitty ensures success

  1. Basement kitty says, “You call that exponential decay? X must be negative!”

  2. Woo Hoo Kitty likes 100% … show those men whose boss… Well done.


  3. Cats, strange, wonderful and mysterious:-)Congrats on your perfect score!!

  4. In the order shown, it appears as though she was checking your math – the itty bitty mathematics committee, if you will. In the last two frames I think she was trying to tell you something about that particular answer. This post does solve the mystery as to why you took her with you to the exam.

    • feralgeographer

      Yep, just popped her into my school satchel, and then arranged her on the desk in the classroom, along with my scrap paper, eraser, extra pencil, and lucky crystal… She telepathically guided me through every problem, helping me do all calculations accurately and quickly: Never mind her history of violent falls from extreme heights… Those are only proof of her deep commitment to the study of physics!

  5. feralgeographer

    Thanks, J and BB!

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