Not his father’s suit.

My older sister’s partner, Sgt, unpacked his suit just 30 minutes before we were due to depart for photos and then the wedding, only to discover that his mother had accidentally sent him his father’s suit instead. Never having met Sgt’s dad, I asked if he couldn’t wear it anyway. He laughed: His father is literally twice his size.

Here, said Oats, try this. She’d fetched from her closet her grey wool three piece, and a white dress shirt. They fit him almost perfectly, the trousers being only a little too long in the leg and the shirt a bit loose around the shoulders.

My older sister gave a positive appraisal, and remarked: It’s a damn good thing you’re not marrying a femme.

I laughed, and agreed.

Which isn’t to say that all non-femmes would naturally have a collection of suits appropriate for slim young men, nor that a femme would necessarily *not* have a suit or two themselves… Just that yes, in this case, it is very lucky that Oats is such a dapper individual.


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