The timing of these things

Another midday phone call: NO, NOT HYDR0, but similar… The union, offering a position at the shipyards, starting Monday morning.

(Which is a bit weird, since I still haven’t finished my security clearance application, but whatever… I have no idea how that works…)

I love the guy who does the job list call-arounds: He’s super nice and friendly, more than I’d expect from a trades union dude. Especially considering that my reaction to his offer of the position was:


“What’s wrong?” he asked, full of concern.

“I just quit my job and am starting my next level of schooling on Monday! And I paid the tuition already! But maybe I can get it refunded…”

“Oh, well, though,” the union dude replied thoughtfully, “It’s really important to get those courses done, and it can be hard to get into them, with really long waitlists…”

This is very true. I’m completely shocked that I got a spot in the one starting next week, having known lots of folks who wait months or even years for the chance to do each level.

“But I really want to work at the shipyards!” I told him, with probably more enthusiasm than required. Whatever, it’s a fact, I really do want to work there, even just so that I can say that I did.

“Well, I’ll tell you, there’ll be a lot more openings,” he reassured me, “They’ll really need to be manning-up at the end of May and start of June, and that’s when you’ll be finished your course. You don’t want to get into a job now and then have to leave it for school, you know.”

I sighed. “Okay, good point.”

I thanked him, and he said not to mention it, that this was part of his job. Quelling apprentices’ fears of perpetual unemployment or missing out on all the cool positions? Huh. No wonder he’s so friendly.

“I’ll talk to you again real soon, I’m sure,” he said as he ended the call, “Isn’t the timing of these things just funny sometimes?”

So that’s that. And how hilarious is it that he referred to the next wave of hiring as “manning-up”, even as he was talking to an apprentice who is quite obviously a woman? Though I suppose that since I was officially sworn in as a “brother” in the union, gender is a pretty slippery thing with these folks… Whether they realize it or not…


2 responses to “The timing of these things

  1. Maybe we should skip over that little flub of a word “Manning up.” He did give you sound advice and maybe you can use it down the road. He was helpful and happily ready to give you info so I guess we should overlook some things in the grand scheme of things.

    Education is the key and it will pay off in the long run. Stay the course.


  2. That would be my luck as well. But, at least you know you got your name in there already.

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