An air of mystery and romance…?

I just fussed around with my camera for half an hour, and this is the best shot I could get of the rings. So, you’re missing out on the script letters engraved on the inside face, but maybe that lends an air of mystery and romance…?

At any rate, they’re brushed silver lined with gold, custom ordered from Jesse Danger, and we love them.


8 responses to “An air of mystery and romance…?

  1. What I meant is aahh, they are so beautiful and what they represent even more so:-)

  2. The rings are an important symbol. Hubby insisted that since we had the money then that we should get our rings at Birks on Phillip’s Square in Montreal, the seminal jeweler to those who are picky about gold. It is the only place to buy fabulous jewelry in the city.


    If not Tiffany’s then Birks.

  3. The cynical and pragmatic me will confess that they are pretty! :-P

  4. feralgeographer

    Thanks, all! The hardest thing is leaving them sitting in a drawer until the wedding… I want to wear mine now, or at least take it out and look at it a couple times a day :)

  5. Those are so loverly!

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