Snow day!

I woke up this morning to Oats muttering about inches, as she got back into bed after letting the dog out at dawn.  Each of our alarms went off, and I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on.  I had the oatmeal made and the bodum brewing before it really sunk it:  Inches and inches and inches.  Feet, even.


Oats tried to take Mo to the park, but lost his ball in the yard and only got as far as the gas station on the corner, where she observed that traffic was backed up in all directions because cars were sliding down the hill.  So, she came home again, and we drank coffee in bed, and decided not to go to work.  There are very few plows around here, the buses are notorious for being unable to ascend slushy slopes, and even if people have snow tires on their cars, they’ve got no practice with driving under these conditions:  Staying home is pretty easy to validate as an intelligent choice.

Besides which, as we’ve established, I don’t like my job, and apparently I’m childish enough to act out by playing hooky as opposed to being a responsible adult and simply resigning.

Anyway… Snow!

K is unimpressed by the snow. Oats gave her and her sisters a lot of kitchen scraps early in the morning, Sum added extra hay to their coop, and I put in a bucket of hot water for them to drink and/or hug, so I’m sure they’ll get over it.

This is the first time Mo has ever seen this much snow, and it’s safe to say that he really likes it. He especially likes it when we kick snow up in the air, and he gets to try to catch it in his mouth, or pounce on it as it hits the ground.

We went for a walk: It was quiet, and cold, and fun.

Happy dog, with snowy whiskers.

Just a few days ago, I was looking at the snow pics Amak posted and getting all nostalgic about winter (or rather, a winter that’s not all about rain), so this weather is making me feel pretty cheerful. That attitude might change, because it’s not due to stop snowing anytime soon, and I suppose I’ll have to deal with getting back to my job and other practical concerns. At the moment, however, I’ve got some defrosted puff pastry that I’m going to go make into an apple tart, and plans to meet friends at the pub down the street for an early dinner, and Sum’s going to give me a massage later this evening… I feel like I’m on a sudden holiday, and it’s awesome.


5 responses to “Snow day!

  1. Mo is so cuute!! BC drivers are wusses, in Quebec we are hardcore:-D)
    But, what do I know I take the metro and mostly, walk the plowed city streets. Looks pretty, it’s nice to play hooky. Have a good time.

  2. Mo is completely adorable, and smart and funny too… He’s pretty much my favourite thing in the whole world (sorry, Oats). I could blog about my dog every single day, if it weren’t for the fact that it’d be rather boring to most people and I’m also slightly embarassed by how obsessed I am with him. For extra fun, check out these photos and video of him and his brothers at 4 weeks of age! Also, bonus pics of me during a time when I apparently didn’t care so much about keeping my photo off the blog, heh heh. Man, I look grumpy.

    Oh, I miss having a subway… I took it everyday in Toronto, growing up, even after I got my driver’s license, especially in winter.

  3. I’d say more intense than grumpy. I was ooohing and aaahing about the puppies so cute.

  4. Yeps, this definitely looks like Ontario to me! Except things have been a tad Spring-ish over the past few weeks here. We even had a couple of days of 10 degrees in the mid of February, and most of the ice has melted by now. We’re all hopeful the snow and the cold won’t come back– we’re holding at steady -7 to -9 this entire week!

  5. Yes, my parents (in Toronto) are getting all concerned about their trip out here next month, joking that they’ll be the ones with springtime flowers while we’re buried under snowbanks.

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