Math panic.

Okay, I hired a tutor.  After three days of going through the provincial curriculum for Math and Physics 12, I realized that I need help.  Like, professionally.  It’s not just anxiety, it’s that I truly don’t understand how to solve the assigned problems, or even the explanations in the  texts.

So I called a local tutor who has got a spiffy website and a high hourly rate, explained the situation to her, and asked if she’d take me on.  We’re meeting tomorrow for two hours.  If working with her helps me get this job, the money will be more than worth it, because I’ll be making almost double my current wage.  And if I still don’t get the job?  Well, we’re already in debt anyway, so another hundred dollars or so isn’t the end of the world.

Really, though, if I don’t get the job, then I’ve got a bit of a to-do list in order to make myself the best fucking candidate for all future jobs with the utility company:

  1. Take the weekend-long course at the local trucking school to get my air-brake endorsement for my drivers’ license (every other entry-level position at the utility requires this)
  2. Take the BC Grade 12 Math and Physics courses either online or through some continuing ed program
  3. Work really really really hard at my current boring job so that I don’t feel so bloody desperate to get out of here

And I could always go back to construction.  Or start my own urban chicken consulting business.


4 responses to “Math panic.

  1. I like the urban chicken option. I love me some chickens!

    Seriously…good luck.

  2. Education is the key to the future. If you’re on the study loop and make it work for you, then you will have it made. School isn’t all that bad, I am still at it at 43. Here in Montreal you need that all important French to get a job, and I am in Cont Ed at Dawson myself. I wish you success.


  3. Thank you, Jeremy! My own partner didn’t even start university until she was my age, as she always likes to remind me when I’m feeling stressed about my life… It’s good to have role models, to remind me that there are a million ways of living a good life.

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