So far, I’ve just started making dinner earlier.

I never make New Year’s resolutions, but sometimes they sneak up on me. For example, it’s been 11 days since I had a cigarette. Given that I only smoked one a day before that, I hardly deserve any kudos for “quitting”, as there wasn’t much to give up… Still, there’s a funny feeling of accomplishment simmering in the back of my mind. 2011: The Year I Did Not Smoke. I like the idea of that. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to think about it, and pleases me enough that it acts as a deterrant against any thoughts of getting back into that small habit I’d formed.

Smoking was mine and Oats’ afterwork ritual, our shared activity when we got home in the early evening and went outside to throw the ball for the dog. Now what do we do? I’m thinking the new habit should be double G & Ts with lime, but so far I’ve just started making dinner earlier… Replacing nicotine with alcohol seems like a less-than-stellar plan.


4 responses to “So far, I’ve just started making dinner earlier.

  1. Me is off smoking too! That makes two queer bloggers in Canada off tobacco. Ain’t that great?! :-)

  2. It sure is! Good for you! I’m feeling more healthy already… Or at least my lungs don’t feel like they’re going to explode everytime I do anything beyond a slow walk. I even made it through two dance classes this week without coughing or losing my breath!

  3. Nice! It’s really all the dance and theatre that I am involved with that keeps me off smoking! So keep the dance up!

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