Too uptight.

…And following up on a post titled “I’m Still Trying”, here’s one that ought to be called “I’m Too Snarky and Cynical for All This Contrived Navel-Gazing”.

Oh people, I wanted to like Reverb10, really I did!  But maybe I’m too uptight (too white?), because I really can’t stomach *so much* public reflection on my past and my inner-self.  It’s just not… Me.

My life is pretty rad.  I work hard to be honest here on my blog about all the ways in which it isn’t rad, but at the end of the day, it is.  I’m reeking of privilege, with my education and my appearance and my socio-economic background.  Yeah, I’m queer, and I work in domains dominated by sexist crap, and most stores don’t carry clothes that fit my big sexy ass very well, and I’ve got loads of baggage around all sorts of exciting issues, but really…  I still end up feeling like a total whiner when I try to respond sincerely to the Reverb10 prompts.  Alternately,  I fight the urge to write something silly and sarcastic, and end up posting nothing.

I just don’t think you really want to hear the quiet boringness of my personal growth.  Or maybe I’m just too private to want to share it with you.

I’m not giving it up entirely, because sometimes I like having an easy bit of something to get me thinking of a good blog post.  But really, I already glean so many other ideas simply from reading other people’s blogs… I’m not sure I need to commit to a specific blogging challenge, especially one as involved as this.


4 responses to “Too uptight.

  1. I hear yeah. Sometimes my answers are cynical and I think people are always looking to read bout rose gardens. I have learned it has been easier to be more open and honest this past year. Write what you will and be who you are.

    • Heh heh… The best rose gardens grow in piles of manure! You’re right, openess and honesty are key. Thanks, Button.

  2. Looks like I was right about the emotional and intellectual energy that goes into it. I’m intrigued now, since I am very seriously considering doing Reverb 10 in January? Will I last? Will I crack it? Only January will tell…

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