First thought, best thought

11 Things I Don’t Need

Don’t think, just write… First thought, best thought!

– Cigarettes
– Drama
– Body hate
– Envy of what others have
– Unsupportive people
– More clutter in my apartment
– Homophobic bullshit
– More projects that distract from the ones I’m already doing
– Acquaintances
– Formal education
– Late nights combined with early mornings

Getting rid of all these things is… Well, a lot of work. A lot of ongoing work, the kind that drags on and on and may never really end. Addictions come in all sorts of nefarious shapes and sizes, and not all have the benefit of a ready network of therapy groups… Which isn’t to make light of alcohol or drug addictions, because I’ve got huge respect for those struggling with such battles. At the same time, this culture being what it is, lesser addictions and self-hating thought cycles are also easy to get trapped into… Especially those related to buying buying buying! And wanting wanting wanting. And never being satisfied with myself, my body, my treasures, my current place and situation and friends.

So how about as a first step, I simply commit to savouring what I’ve got… And cutting the cigarettes down to one a day, max.

[Day 11 of Reverb 10… I’m catching up, and am now going to check out the days I skipped last week.]


3 responses to “First thought, best thought

  1. Good list. Like how you tied them all together with the themes of addictions and self hating. Maybe we all have a few of those and while sometimes they seem small, they’re still not helpful.

    • Thanks! For the most part, I love myself, which is why it’s so interesting to make a quick list like this and then reflect on it: It’s a good check-in with my subconscious.

  2. Good list. Addictions are a very hard struggle. Being unsatisfied with oneself is a hard thing to overcome, I am still in the process of that.

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