Wisdom? Today’s Reverb 10 prompt is a bit beyond me. I spent most of 2010 shooting from the hip, making shit up as I went along, and taking what life gave me… I really don’t know how much of it has been wise. I mean, I’m still here, so I guess it was wise enough. Really though, when you’re throwing a million things against a wall, some of it’s bound to stick: I tried so hard to do so much during 2010 that it’d be weird if things got worse than they were in 2009.

Okay, I just thought of one wise thing: I spent a lot of time with Mo, training him to be a good dog. Oats deserves some of the credit too, of course… But I’m quite proud of the fact that he’s usually a well-behaved little animal. Never having had a dog of my own before, I’m relieved that the training books I read and the effort of maintaining consistent expectations was worth it.

Speaking of wisdom, I want to address something Amak wrote in a comment on a post of mine earlier this week:
He remarked on the amount of emotional and intellectual energy required for Reverb 10, this exercise of reflecting on the past year. I agree, but want to say that this is exactly what I need. I didn’t blog all that much in 2010 because I was too busy trying to sort out my life: Get a career, make a permanent commitment to my partner, and most recently, moving into a long-term home. More than anything, I could really use some heavy introspective writing assignments!

And possibly some therapy, but that’ll hafta wait until the New Year. By then, I hope to be covered by Oats’ extended health insurance, and can get all the head-shrinking I need.


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