My defining word for 2010 is investment.

Papercut by the amazing Nikki McClure, available for sale at Buy Olympia

My defining word for 2010 is investment. Not because I’ve been building some kind of secret stock portfolio, but rather because I spent my entire year making choices for future goals as opposed to immediate gratification. Mostly it was all about developing my career.  Struggling to finish trade school with as high marks as possible, hauling equipment and putting up with bullshit at the construction site, picking crops in the rain at the farm, sitting alone in an office and cold calling sales prospects: None of these activities are particularly fun, and yet I amazed myself by choosing to do them, all in the optimistic belief that they’d lead me to something really good.  It was a year of putting in more than I was getting out, and I hope to hell it was worth it.

So the word I want to capture 2011 is resilience.  I want to take all these investments I’ve made (in my career, my partnership, my home, my friends) and use them to establish a sturdy base for myself, and then I want to try even harder to make my life as rad as I want it to be.  Maybe even with some immediate gratification thrown in for good measure.


[I’ve kinda decided to do Reverb 10, though I’m not exactly commiting yet because this is my first post using the project’s prompts… Who knows if I’ll actually stick it out?  Given my lack of enthusiasm for this year’s NaBloPoMo, and blogging overall, I might just ditch it.  But maybe not.  I suppose time will tell.]


2 responses to “My defining word for 2010 is investment.

  1. Some days may come and others go. Thank you for the link to the Invest poster, instead I ended up with two crow tee’s. My business is known as Crows Alchemy.
    Having read down to the one I am commenting ‘at’~ I like what I see – I like your choice of words, to hear and read your invest-ment to self, partner, and dog. Blessings to you.

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