In which I provide context.

I wrote the last post at midday. At the end of the afternoon, I came to the sudden realization that I wasn’t just feeling like a total whiner, I was being a totally menstrual whiny mean piece of nasty. Oh. Well, at least that means that I may like my new job again in another 24 hours or so.

Poor sleeping patterns are not helping the hormonal craziness: Oats and I are currently residing in the spare room in the upstairs suite of the new house our BFFs bought, as we all work on making the downstairs suite into a new home. I’m deeply in debt to them for their willingness to have us join them in this adventure, so I don’t want to be seen as full of complaints. However, a big barrier to good sleep is the crowding in our bed… It’s a double instead of the queen size mattress we’re used to, and with both the cat and the dog staking territory as well as us humans, it’s a squeeze.

(Yes, the dog, in bed, all night. Apparently, canine discipline has gone out the window along with “routine” and “knowing where to find all of my belongings”.)

We’re also a noisy bunch, the four of us humans plus three cats plus a dog plus a big renovation project.

This is what the old kitchen looked like in our new apartment, a week or so ago:

And this is what it looks like at this very moment:

I’m going to sleep now.


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