Glorious, to be home.

We got back to the west coast late last night, and were one of the first cars in line for the last ferry from the mainland.  Having rushed through the last day of driving, we wanted dinner, and I scoped out the ferry terminal food court while Oats took Mo for a bit of a walk.  Meeting her back at the car, I was so excited:  “There’s vegetarian pizza!  And vegetarian sushi!  And vegetarian stir fry, and sandwiches, and even vegetarian SALAD!”

Yes:  While driving through the States was certainly fun and cheaper than the Canadian route, it left a lot to be desired in the food department.  This was especially true for the one third of our travelling crew who does not eat meat:  Mo had his kibble, I can cope with daily carnivory when needed, but poor Oats was stuck with repetitive cheese-based processed products.  We mostly ate our own sandwiches in the car anyway, because we were being thrifty as well as sticking to a tough travel schedule, but it helped that restaurant meals were generally unappealing.  In comparison, the food court at the ferry terminal was a glorious welcome home.

And it is glorious, to be home, even though this current version of home is all boxes and piles of furniture and anticipated anxiety over the upcoming move.

Contributing to my own stress is the fact that I’m starting my new job tomorrow morning, which I’m suddenly finding scary.  For the first time in over a year, I’ll be working with mostly my brain instead of my body, and I’m worried that I won’t remember how.  It’s an unfounded worry, I know, but still present.  At least I’m only doing half-days this week, so can ease into into it.  Also, I feel better when I remind myself that even as I may be in over my head in terms of my skills, I’ll be very much so in my geographic comfort-zone:  Back at the university campus, where I worked and studied for 8 years, and where Oats’ own office is located.  It’s a relief just knowing that she’ll be close by, as will all my old favourite walking trails through the campus woods and gardens.


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