QCB Metapost: Apologies, and lots of new blogs

In the middle of a sexy night at home which I’ve spent baking bread, sewing pillow covers, and canning barbecue sauce, I suddenly got it into my head to check the emails from the Queer Canada Blogs project. Fuck: There were many, many messages. Most were simply notifications about new followers on our Twitter feed, but some were suggestions for additions to the blogroll. I sorted through them, and managed to add 6 to our list. Usually, I publicize the newly-added blogs by sending out a tweet from QCB, but as a special penance for my neglect, let me link them directly here:

Mea culpa, fellow bloggers!  I am truly sorry for ignoring you, and I hereby pledge to do better in the future.  Know of any blogs by queers living in Canada or Canadian queers living elsewhere?  Send ’em in to queerblogs@gmail.com, and I really really really will follow up on it.


4 responses to “QCB Metapost: Apologies, and lots of new blogs

  1. My Ball’s Blue Book of Canning (which we affectionately refer to as the Blue Balls book of Caning)…. has a Victoria sauce recipe I was thinking of trying because I have so much frackin rhubarb! You’re inspiring me here – perhaps this weekend that patch is becoming sauce!

    • I’m a big fan of the giant rhubarb patch, as long as I have the space for it in my yard! I should get that canning book… I had no idea that Victorians were so into saucing up their rhubarb.

  2. You are forgiven your QCB tardiness. Now go and enjoy your rhubarb(yecch). Cheers, David.

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