Hey, we got chickens.

Hey, we got CHICKENS!!!

For the sake of the blog, their names are A, B, C, and K, and no, they don’t do anything very cool yet… Such as LAY EGGS. However, they ought to, any day now: In the pic above, we’d only just gotten them that day, and they’ve now tripled in size as well as become rather mean and fierce. We built a run for them right outside our living room window, and I love listening to their funnny little cooing squawks as they scratch around in the dirt.

Remember this old phograph cabinet that Oats and I picked up from the side of the road about a year ago, and then gutted? It was just taking up space in our apartment, pending a new transformation that was in the works: Originally we were thinking a multimedia centre, with speakers inside and a video projector that came out the top. But then when the chickens were being discussed, we decided that we needed an art deco chicken coop to go with the art deco architecture of our house, since we have no private yard and are located on a corner lot with lots of passers-by.

With the addition of a removable extension, and a few coats of white paint, we now have a pretty damn fancy coop. Of course, it’d be nice if the chickens’d show their appreciation by laying some eggs already, but I’m trying to be patient.

However, as frequent readers of this blog would know, I have trouble with patience: I want everything, all the time, right away.

Which has been a bit of a struggle lately, especially in terms of big “What-Am-I-Doing-With-My-Life” plans, because I was laid off a week ago.

As I was 107 hours short of qualifying for employment insurance, I immediately rustled up some casual labour on a local organic farm. Once there, everything changed: Not only did I realize that I already knew a lot of the other workers through feminist stuff or queer stuff or social economy stuff or bike stuff, but these people are all connected to a wider sustainability-focused social network. Which is to say: I feel as though I got closer to my goal of becoming an electrician specializing in alternative energy systems through 3 days of organic farming than I did through 3 months of actual electrical apprentice work, simply by making connections.

And they offered me a job for the rest of the season.

Following much hand-wringing and longs talks with Oats, I took the job.

So that’s my brief update: I’ve got chickens, and I’m now farming part-time. There’s more, to be sure, but at the moment I need to get going on laundry and tidying because it’s Pride weekend and we’ve got lots of out-of-town guests coming to stay.

Thank you to all who commented and/or emailed wondering where I’d gotten to during my hiatus… I appreciate your attention, and will do my best to earn it!


5 responses to “Hey, we got chickens.

  1. Good to have you blogging again! It’s been so long! Let’s hope we have more chicken stories as the summer unfolds…

    (Missed you. Really did.)

    • feralgeographer

      Yay, Amak! Thank you… I’ve been following your adventures, but refraining from commenting, so I’m glad that you’re still checking in here.

  2. Amazing what changes in a few months eh? I am moving to Nanaimo in a week to start my new job working for the regional district – crazy right? I know!!!!
    Big Hug to you!

  3. ps that is one swanky poultry palace.

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