Sewing fit.

I finally fixed my sewing machine, by taking a tiny file to the foot and enlarging the space for the needle to do its work. It’s still not perfect, but at least it functions! I celebrated by sewing new curtains that properly fit the bedroom windows, redoing the odd-shaped ones that had been on the bedroom windows into a tidy pair that will dress the old windows we’ve hung to divide the sleeping part of the bedroom from my work area, and hemming other fabric for a shower curtain.

I also began the makings of a dog bed for Mo, from a wool blanket that we found on the road: It was literally in the gutter, covered in mud. After a good washing, it proved to have quite a few holes in it, but there’s enough fabric left for a decent pillow. He’s outgrown the old throw pillows that we gave him when he first arrived, and I’ll take them both apart to use their stuffing inside this new one. I’ve stalled on that for now, because I want a long zipper to go down one side so that I can easily remove the stuffing when it needs to be washed; all the zippers in my stash are way too short. Still, even if I have to pay a few dollars for a new one, it will be the only money I’ve spent on something that was actually needed, which is the sort of thing that thrills my inner-penny-pincher.

While I was working on all this sewing, Oats was busy too: She produced two large paintings that she actually really *likes*, in just two days. As is probably typical with many artists, often Oats works for weeks on pieces that she ends up deciding aren’t ever going to be right, so I’m proud of her when she gets into the flow and can find the inspiration to express what it is she wants to express. On a selfish note, one of the paintings is of me, and I love it. Being represented on canvas is a hazard of being in a relationship with an artist, and I honestly haven’t always enjoyed it… Oats’ work is more abstract than realistic, and though I love her style overall, some of her paintings don’t fit with how I like to see myself. Luckily she’s got a good sense of creative discipline, and is accepting of my opinions, even so far as to utterly disagree with them in her usual polite way. This new one, though, we both like, and I feel doubly honoured to be her chosen subject matter. If she lets me, maybe I’ll even post a photo of it here.

Aside from all this creative goodness, I’m waiting to hear back on jobs.  Hydr0 is taking seven apprentices, the dockyards is taking one, and the union should call if any of the local companies are hiring:  Thanks to my success at the college, I’m number 8 on the apprentice list, which has over a hundred would-be-apprentices on it (and is ranked according to graduating mark from the pre-apprenticeship program that I took).  I also applied for a position with a local marine research company, where I would assemble components for underwater monitoring devices.  I couldn’t use it for my apprenticeship, since it’s more fine electronics than it is electrical work, but it sounds so cool that I couldn’t pass it up.  Thanks to my former career as a stained glass lackey, I have killer soldering skills, and my recent schooling has provided all the electrical theory and circuit evaluation knowledge I’d need… Besides which, I love robot wars and the ocean.  So, we’ll see.  I’m trying not to stress over it, and simply enjoy having the time to get so many things done around the house.


2 responses to “Sewing fit.

  1. I am tickled by your own creative burst… I love the curtains; they so make the room feel more cozy and relaxing – I am looking forward to trying them out on a sleep in! Although I know there is no ‘B’ in the works, I know that Ballou is just as happy as Mo with the pillow.

    Thank you for not shying away from my using you as a model and muse…. you inspire me… all over. Please post a pic if you wish, I am happy you are as taken by this one as I am… and I am glad you put up with the ones you aren’t!

  2. feralgeographer

    I’ll make Ballou a new bed too, I promise… I have to, or else Mo will never get to have his, since she’s been sleeping on it all day!

    Thank you for finding me amusing enough to use in your creative endeavours, my love.

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