It’s not graduate school, but similar.

I just spent the last 40 minutes going through the application for apprenticeship with the provincial electricity supplier, and am feeling like I did when I tried to get into graduate school a couple years ago: Anxious as all-get-out.

Some of that is simply nerves due to deadlines and the task of trying to prove myself on paper.

Mostly it’s because I. WANT. THIS. SO. BADLY.

Which is funny, because if you’d asked me even a year ago, it’s not something that ever would have come up: Working for the nation’s third largest electric utility? Huh?

But now I’m all about comparing work environments, hiring practices, education requirements, on-the-job learning opportunities, and benefit packages, and let me tell you: Getting in with hydr0 is huge. Not only do they specifically hire those of us with higher education, but they also have a diversity mandate as well as anti-harassment policies to back it up. In addition, the starting wage is sufficient that I could support both Oats and I, when need be. Finally, it’s a prestigious position: At the end of the day, I could put in my next four years as an apprentice anywhere, and come out a fully-qualified electrician, but being an electrician who trained with hydr0 is like getting a doctorate at… Oxford?

Well, maybe not… I mean, attaining a doctorate is definitely more difficult than an electrician’s journey ticket.

But still, it’s prestigious.

Which is why it’s so nice that my instructors have been pushing me to apply: They think I’ll get in.

However, there’s a hiccup in the scheme: The deadline for the application is Friday, February 26th, and one of the job requirements is that I have a full drivers’ license. Which is something I’m lacking. Thanks to messiness on my part, and the craziness of graduated licensing systems, I’m still at this province’s middle level. So, aside from going through the hydr0 website, I’ve spent part of this morning on the phone with a driving school and the local licensing centre, trying to figure out how I can get it all done in time to submit a proper driver’s abstract with my application. Surprisingly, I think it’ll work out.

But I’m still feeling anxious.


3 responses to “It’s not graduate school, but similar.

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! FG, you fill my life with so much excitement! I love your blog (and your life) more and more. I think it more-or-less suitable to say that I know what you are going through right now! :)

    I wish you luck and I send good vibes.

    Oh and one possibility would be to look at whether you could get your driving license later, but showing them that you are working towards it. You know? Like to send an unofficial GRE score and say that the official scores will come only in a few weeks because you wrote it a bit too late?

  2. Hey – I used to work for those folks (way back in the day) and I gotta say… good benefits, good pension, good pay, good work environment (yay! good union environment if you’re so inclined to get involved)….. And don’t worry about the licence… You just have to have it by the time you accept the job.

    Good luck!

  3. I told myself for a solid decade (so, my 20s) that I had no need of a license and I’d get around to getting one someday. Now that I’m in my 30s I can’t believe I don’t have one and periodically I can see that I’d end up in situations where I’d need one and not have the time or opportunity to get one. A friend is learning here in Korea, but I’d like to survive the process…

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