I’ve been catching up, slowly but surely

I’ve been catching up, slowly but surely, climbing my way through every task I abandoned over the past few months during which school became the focus of my existence.

I finished the pre-apprenticeship electrical program with fantastic marks and a good sense of self, both of which were very hard won.  Perhaps harder won than I even realized at the time, considering how absolutely worn out I’ve been feeling since I wrote my last exam 10 days ago.  Some times I have difficulty doing anything except sit on the couch with the dog on my lap, even though I’m excited to be out of school.  When I think about all the things on my To Do list, I’m simultaneously giddy and appalled.  I feel genuine pleasure at accomplishing some of it, but am annoyed that it took me so long.

Case in point:  That biscotti lovingly baked by Oats and I back in December?  I never mailed it to my family.  Instead it sat around for weeks and weeks, until we ate it ourselves.  This past week I made a new batch, and it’s going to be in the mail tomorrow morning, and as much as I know it’ll be appreciated, I feel so inept for not having sent it earlier.

Ditto with my 2008 taxes, which I finally submitted on Monday.

Also, the silkscreening job that I said I’d do for my community bike shop in exchange for a massive discount on a gorgeous retro Italian cruiser that I bought from them back in JULY.

Also, Mo’s licensing with the local municipal animal control. We’ve been lying about his age in public for the past few months, because he was beyond the mandatory minimum for being unregistered.

Also, the many many many friends I haven’t seen or talked to since December.

I know I’ll get through it all, but sometimes I get down on myself, and it just feels like a lot.

Sometimes, though, I really do get it right:  The day after I finished school, I got down on one knee and asked Oats to marry me.  She said yes, of course.  More than anything else, thinking of this is what reminds me to take a deep breath, enjoy how good my life can be, and get it all done.


12 responses to “I’ve been catching up, slowly but surely

  1. You asked Oats to marry you??? “Oh my gaaaad! Oh my gaaaaad!!” shouts and cries and jumps around all over his room in a hysterical manner the queer behind his mirror! Wow! (Contradiction in me: Against marriage in theory, but just can’t help myself in rejoicing at the idea when it comes to friends– and fellow queer bloggers– of mine!)

    Okay, my two cents worth of advice:

    As you probably know, I do get very busy too and when I am done accomplishing one task, I end up with a “to-do” list that too long to fit on one page and of course, I often don’t even feel like doing half the things in there. And you know what I do then? I simply erase whatever can be erased from the list. There, in just one strike, I forget it. And suddenly, the list is shorter.

    My supervisor (and you know how crazy these academics are!) actually checks her e-mails only once a week. She says when she does it once a week, she realizes that all the “important” things are past their deadlines and there’s nothing she can do about them anyway! So delete, delete! All that you can delete and start afresh!

    • Whoa, quite the reaction! Heh heh. I’m glad you’re so excited… I am too, despite also being someone who’s not exactly pro-marriage in theory.

      Thanks for the advice; I really do appreciate it. I managed to limit my To Do list to things that I promised other people I’d do, and that’s worked well to rein it in. I also love your supervisor’s idea about email, Kama! I think that’ll slowly become my default, now that school’s over and I’m not working on websites anymore. Just this past week, I deleted most of my emails by accident, and it made me feel relieved.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! CONGRATS!! Ahh, I’m so excited for you and Oats! I’ve been sitting here thinking, “Geeze, Feral Geographer hasn’t posted for quite a while — I wonder what she’s been up to.” But WOW, what blogette would have realized how much??

    Well, congrats on everything — for finishing school, for catching up on all the items on your To Do list, and for getting engaged! :D

    • Thanks, Miz Moffatt! To be honest, nothing much *has* happened since my last post, just lots and lots of school… Then, engagement. Ha!

  3. My sincere best wishes on your impending nuptials and my hope that you & your betrothed will have happiness, harmony, & balance in your new lives as a married couple.

    Warmest Regards,

    Brody Levesque

  4. “blah, blah, blah, then I asked her to marry me…”

    Well, that woke me up! Absolutely no warning. But what a wonderful surprise!

    Congratulations to both of you, and best wishes for a happy and fulfilling life together!

    • Thanks, Mark… You made me laugh out loud!

      I actually feel like “blah, blah, blah, then I asked her to marry me…” summarizes the past month or so of my life, quite succinctly!

  5. Oh you’ve got me all weepy now. *cries* Give Oats a kiss of congratulations for me. Love!

    • Oh… No tears, save them for the wedding! Or my funeral, which I plan on having in another 70 years or so. You’re invited to both!

  6. You proposed the day after you finished school? God.. I think I would have just collapsed and left the love stuff for a week or two.. A big congratulations to the two of you.

    • Well, I decided to treat it as my reward for working so hard… Plus I wanted to ask her while it was still clear that I’ve got tons of prospects but before I became worried about finding work! Thanks for the congrats.

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