In which I tell you about my dog.

School has been so full of ups and downs that I don’t even know where to start.

So, instead I’m going to tell you about Mo, who has grown a lot since he was last mentioned here.

He’s becoming an actual dog now, with legs that keep growing faster than the rest of him. When he sleeps, they stretch out beyond his head and look as though they belong to some other animal.

He’s still ridiculously cuddly, sleeping on my chest as I lay on the couch or curling up against my legs under the covers in bed during weekend morning sleep-ins. Weighing in at just under 20 pounds, he’s a good size: Not too big, not too small.

Mo’s first love is food, which has made him pretty easy to train: As long as he knows that you have anything edible with you, he will stick to your side and do whatever you ask him. He’s still pretty skinny, but has a thicker coat now. It’s been a while since anyone has accused us of underfeeding him.

Another hobby of Mo’s is licking the cat’s ears.  If she lets him do it, he then moves on to taking them right into his mouth.  I don’t think he actually bites them, but they get very wet.  She generally hisses or swats at him after the first few licks.  This is often followed by her rubbing against him while purring, so I’ve given up on trying to mediate their differences.  It just confuses me.

Mo also loves to chase things, though luckily rarely bolts. This is because we usually have treats in our pockets, and he knows this:  Why run, when you could stay here and eat a cookie?

I got one of those ball-chucking sticks last week, which proved to be a big hit to the point that we’ve destroyed/lost three tennis balls since then. Today I picked up a neon-orange street hockey ball, and it’s a winner: Visible when lost in bushes, no weird fabric to soak up mud/scratch teeth, not much bounce, good density and weight for looooooooong throws. I never thought I’d buy toys for a dog, let alone put so much thought into it. It’s kinda weirding me out, and then I look at his little face, and it all makes sense.

He’ll be 6 months old next week, and the fellow who has the poppa dog (aka PD) is hosting a get-together of all the littermates and their humans.  We’re meeting at a local park so that they can play together, and then going back to PD’s for snacks.  I’m not sure how that’s going to work with 7 young dogs in tow, but hey, I’m not hosting it… I’m just stoked about how much the event will exhaust Mo.  Also, I’m looking forward to taking photos of the dogs together, because it’s sure to be cute as hell.  Aside from that, I also want to know if the rest of the litter turned out as calm and smart and perfect as our boy.

I’m so absolutely grateful to have this dog in my life that I’m scared to write it or say it aloud, for fear of jinxing something.  Every single afternoon, no matter what’s happened at school or what the weather is doing or how I’m feeling, I come home and he’s excited to see me, to go to the park, to retrieve balls, to curl up together.  It’s like getting a special present, every day.


4 responses to “In which I tell you about my dog.

  1. Oh! What a wonderful dog (I think I’m falling in love from afar with Mo)! One of my few regrets about the place where I live is that I’m not allowed to have a pet.

    • I hear you on that one! We are very lucky to have a landlady who not only adores Mo but lives next door and is our back-up dog sitter. This is rare luck, and I’ve known many friends who’ve moved out of town simply because they couldn’t find any place that would allow their pets.

  2. Awww. that is quite the handsome dog!!! great post!

    I feel the same way with my pooch, totally sanity balancer after crazy day in each of our crazy lives, happy just to see me, that is all he needs. and food. and toys. and belly rubs. and someone to fix his bed head hair…

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