i would *never* dress my dog in clothing

…unless of course he was 4 months old, 12 lbs, perpetually cold, and crazily skinny despite the fact that he’s consistently fed as if he were in the next higher weight bracket.

this weekend i knit mo a sweater.

that’s about all i did, aside from recover from last week, which was pretty crappy. given that, and the terrible weather, i almost skipped out on friday’s trans day of remembrance rally. then i thought to myself, “wait a second, a large part of why i feel so bad is due to ignorance of and hate towards gender and sexual diversity! a rally could be just what i need!”

and it was, in some ways, thought it also made me dwell a lot on depressing things.

the antidote to that was this morning, when oats and i spoke about being queer at a local unitarian youth group: these kids made me feel like being me, being us, being whomever *you* are, is definitely the raddest thing in the world.


2 responses to “i would *never* dress my dog in clothing

  1. unitarians are rad! i am happy you caved and dressed your dog in an outfit. i understand that this is *utilitarian* only (FOR NOW)….might be a slippery slope though, a slippery slope which may culminate in you and i dressing up our animals in themed clothing, in front of colourful backdrops….after years of waiting for a good opportunity.

    sorry your week was rough.

  2. your dog is fucking adorable! good choice of colour for the sweater.
    i also generally object to dressing animals. though, as of late, i’ve taken to knitting with a vengence. so let me know if you have any special requests…
    xo e

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