lately, i’ve been dealing with quince.

lately, i’ve been dealing with quince.

there’s a lot of them.

so far, i’ve tried two different jam recipes, and i don’t really like either one.

or maybe i just don’t like quince.

i guess i’ll have to figure that out.


4 responses to “lately, i’ve been dealing with quince.

  1. Wow, that is a ton of quince. I bought a small amount recently (5 pieces for $4) and tried my hands at a batch of jam. I haven’t written it up yet because I’m sort of disappointed with it as well. The fruit is so amazingly fragrant fresh, but as I cooked it, it began to smell like steamed rutabagas (not good).

    The jam tastes okay now, but it’s just sort of boring – sweet from the sugar but not tasting of much. People always rave about quince, so I’m really perplexed.

    That’s all to say that I feel you, and I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in this quince disappointment.

    • Thanks for commenting!

      Yes, exactly: The second batch of jam was from The Joy of Cooking, and I actually added the full amount of sugar for once in my life, which resulted in a spread that is pretty much just sweetness with a bit of odd fruit flavour.

      My stepmom poached hers in a light syrup with vanilla, so I’m trying that next!

  2. Cook it with red wine – I’m delighted with the taste and fragrance of mine . . .

    • Oh, I’d love to, and I think I will do that with some of them, because half of the fruit is mine. The main problem is that this is a job for a farmer, and I need to come up with something both good and cheap that I can make in large quantities with the other half of the fruit, which unfortunately precludes wine-poaching!

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