Looking for advice regarding the QCB Blogroll

***UPDATE:  All blogs are now showing up as properly updated!!!  YAY!  But I’d still like your input…


My suspicion is that our success is becoming our downfall:  The Queer Canada Blogs blogroll now lists 217 blogs, but some of them are not getting bumped to the top of the list when they are updated.  As one of the troubled blogs in question is that of my lover, and another is a favourite of mine (Rigo’s Open Letter!), I’m quite put out that things are not working as they should.

Is the problem simply that we have too many blogs for Blogger’s Blog List gadget?  Or is it just buggy in general?

I’m now trying out the Link List gadget, instead of the Blog List.

I’ve also copied most of the blogs over into BlogRolling, but I don’t think that link can be ordered by most recently updated (the option is there, but apparently not functioning?), which makes it rather unappealing for QCB.

We have a WordPress version of the blogroll, but the WP blogroll (Links) widgets aren’t great so that doesn’t seem to be an option.

Does anyone have any advice on how we could make the QCB blogroll more functional, ie. with some sort of hosted blogroll site, or a thirdparty gadget/widget that we could plug into the Blogger or WordPress versions of the site?

Mae and I would like the project to eventually have its own URL, along with all sorts of nice stuff such as blogs sorted by category, blogger profiles, maybe a queer bloggers forum, and how-tos for wannabe bloggers.  I don’t think the timing is right for that right now, given how stretched thin she and I both are in terms of our other commitments*, but I’m interested to know if any readers have thoughts on how that could work.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!

*In my case, to the point where I’ve neglected replying to recent comments on this blog… I’m sorry!  I’ll get there soon! Please don’t give up on me!


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