These are the days when I love school.

Today I got my hands covered in grease, which pleased me immensely.  I love the school assignments for which I need to make something, even if it’s something that I’ll never use in the real word.  Case in point:  A piece of sheet metal with different size holes in it, corresponding to common sizes of wire conduit.  It’s near useless, particularly because the edges are sharp, but I had a good time making it.  I had to use a manual knock out punch for the four corner holes, and a hydraulic KO punch for the ones in between.  It felt like arts and crafts, albeit with slimy cutting oil and spirals of razor sharp steel.


For another assignment this morning, I took a handful of different sized wires, slipped a section of shrinkable plastic around them, and used a heatgun to secure the bundle into a neat cable.

These are the days when I love school.


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