in which i give in, and get socially-connected

i joined f@cebook today, after many years of resistance.  i gave in because i never know about any of the parties or bike rides or even the protests anymore, because i’m in school all the time and no one talks about these things face to face like they used to.  (let alone the old promo techniques from my anarcho-punk-activisty days in toronto… phone trees?  handbills? wheat-paste postering expeditions? what are those?!!)

le sigh: the end of an era.

my original objection to the whole thing was the idea that some corporation would know who my friends are.  then, once my paranoia settled down into the dull background roar that accompanies my everyday life like a really bad musical score, i decided that i just don’t have time for it.  my anonymous pseudonym online life (this one!) has become so very very rich and connected that i didn’t want anything else competing with it:  certainly not friend requests from the kids who bullied me in elementary school, and *definitely* nothing from the ones i went on to bully in high school (bullying creates bullies, let this be a leason to you!).

but i *do* want to get involved with planning the annual anniversary party for the local community bike shop, and i want to know about the potlucks and dance-a-thons and late night bike rides and all the other things that are happening with my friends, and it looks like this is the means to that end.  not participating was not getting me anywhere.

so here i am:  connecting, socially, online, with people who know my face and my real name and where i live.  it still weirds me out, but i’m trying not to think about it too hard.


10 responses to “in which i give in, and get socially-connected

  1. OMG I joined two days ago, with all the same reservations! I’ve made a few friend requests, but it’s already creeping me out…after so many years of saying “I’m not on Facebook” it feels WRONG. I’m itching to delete the profile already…I don’t think I’m really cut out for being in the loop.

    • I’ve already met up with friends to see a great band play at a bar, and made plans for dinner and movie with another friend I’d lost touch with, all through this weirdness of status updates and messages… I must say, I’m currently quite pleased to be in the loop!

  2. Congratulations feral friend!

    Now that you are on The Book I know some of us will find many an interesting e-mail in our inbox about nocturnal bike rides and hip dinners with riparian entertainment (though I never participate in said events I love knowing that they exist). You are doing this for the greater good!

    And, if I ever join The Book, I hope to be your friend on it, even though I bullied you into being my token white friend at university.

    • (I thought I was your token gay friend? You must know other honkies…)

      Yes, I promise that I will now talk incessantly about all that is happening among my “friends”, and then our whole house will be in on the Book. Which sounds like we are converting to Christianity. Heh heh.

  3. I recently joined too, last week. Actually, I was on it for a while, then took a year and a half hiatus from it. Each time I log in, I am reminded why I deactivated my account in the first place… for me, using the ‘block’ option helps a lot.

    • At the moment, all my “friends” are people I’d typically bump into on the street or at a party, with the exception of my two sisters, three friends from high school, one friend’s sister, and the odd random dude (Hi, Kieran! Heh heh). Which is to say, it’s early days yet, and I’m glad to have the block option available, but currently my contacts are so contained that I’m not feeling stressed out by it. Yet.

  4. Hi! Missed you at the London anarchist bookfair this year ;) I’m on facebook too, under name kiera James.

  5. my bff in the States, M., just joined out of loneliness and she says she feels better already.
    now that I know you’re on there I’m going to go add you right now.

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