a dog for my lifestyle


aside from the fact that he was unbearable cute, one of the reasons why mo was such an appealing puppy for oats and i was the fact that he’s not likely to grow to be much larger than 30 lbs.  that, combined with his young malleable mind, made him an ideal candidate to be groomed for our lifestyle:  we needed a dog who could be trained to enjoy life as seen from a bike trailer on long journeys, because we have planned many of them for the upcoming years and would hate to leave him behind.  besides which, it’d make our grocery runs a lot easier.

i have a big bike trailer made of hard plastic that is quite good for hauling stuff, but not so excellent for small puppies.  luckily, oats found a metal-framed tent-style one for only $35 on cr@igslist, and it even folds away for easy storage.  this afternoon was the first bit of mo-meet-trailer training:  we got him an especially yummy/revolting bone, parked the trailer in the corner of the kitchen, propped it up to that it would be sturdy, and tucked inside his favourite blanket.  as you can see from the photo, the experiment was a success… not only did the bone keep mo quietly playing for upwards of an hour, but after that he decided that the trailer would be an excellent spot for a nap.

a few more days of this, and we’ll try it outside… and then on the road, biking off into the sunset on crazy adventures together.


6 responses to “a dog for my lifestyle

  1. That’s a hell of a bike trailer for only $35. I’m insanely jealous. Both of the trailer, and of the lovely little puppy inside it.

    Your big bike trailer of hard plastic: did you buy it, or make it? I’m really intensely interested in bike trailer technology these days. i mean, in the selfish sense that I want one.

    • i looked for a pic of my plastic trailer to post, but it seems i don’t have any so will have to take one… i bought it secondhand for $50 many years ago, and while it’s not the best design, it’s very simple and sturdy. maybe i’ll write about it later this week!

  2. Awe. Our youngest is about 25 lbs. I used to think I only liked big dogs-I was wrong. Littles are very portable…and it’s easier to forgive them when they’re naughty ’cause they’re so damned cute. Totally crushing on your bike trailer too…

    • my last dog was actually my ex’s, and is very large: a german shepherd and husky mix, weighing in at about 70 lbs. i love him very much, but oh wow was he a lot to deal with! it’s a huge difference, having a small fellow like mo around. we’re still training him to be polite and not jump up on people, etc, but i’m glad that i don’t have to worry about him really hurting anyone like i did with my former canine companion.

  3. mo is ridiculously cute and he looks so snuggled in there- i miss having a canine presence in my life. also, there is something very appealing about being able to bring your dog on amazing bike adventures!

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