Do you have a strategy to get you through NaBloPoMo?

Here it is, folks, my official strategy for success at NaBloPoMo 2009:

When in doubt, write about food.

That’s it, but oh, what a difference it makes!  Last year I had no strategy, no plan, no drafts folder, no ace up my sleeve for those crappy days when bike rides were more appealing than blogging, and frankly, it showed:  I managed 19 posts in 30 days, and that was a struggle.

But this time around, I’m determined to do the full month, and here is how: Though I am full of opinions about many many (many!) things, food is probably the biggest issue that gets me all riled up. So, be ready for the onslaught of recipes and rants, because it’s coming.

What about you? Are you winging it, or is there a method to your madness?

(Cross-posted to the QCB discussion forum at the NaBloPoMo site, because I’m devious like that)


lokum, aka turkish delight, served after this year's thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house in toronto


7 responses to “Do you have a strategy to get you through NaBloPoMo?

  1. well, then maybe i’ll try to make everything that you post a recipe for… then i’ll be living just like you, but in a smaller house, in a bigger city with a black cat instead of a black dog. the differences will be so subtle that people will be confusing us again. well. maybe not that subtle.

    • oh em! you are wonderful! i love your plan… but i need you to start a blog too so that i can copy YOU, and then it’ll be like we live in the same city again except that i’ll still miss you.

      would like to visit for a weekend this month or near start of next: will you let me know when would be good? i suppose this is the point where i stop blogging and start phoning…

  2. Strategy? Simple. Write to entertain myself and not the readers. Unsensored, self-indulgent drivel (mostly in the form of bitching and moaning right now, unfortunately). I’ve got lots and lots of that.

    • i censor myself, but not as much as i would if this blog were more connected to my real life name/location/etc. hmmm… when i think about it, there’s so much now connected to the feral geographer persona that i feel some responsibility to post better blog entries than i used to: less kvetching, more… recipes?

  3. Tomato Ginger jam and now Loukoum?!?
    Sugarless diet + fg Blog = sad sum.

    How about some savoury recipes, Mujer! Just keep the curry out, it stains my walls.

    • HA! oh, there’ll be curry… loads and loads of it…

      actually, that crazy canning client is delivering quince this weekend (and picking up her curry-less salsa and curry-full sweet pickles), which i want to use for making membrillo… i hope that’s not too ethnic for her…

      • Membrillo sounds exciting!

        I hope she is not threatened by its “ethnicness” indeed. People can be disappointing for instance, the woman who had issues renting her apartment to me because my name sounded South Asian and our “cooking stains the walls”.

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