green tomato and ginger jam


i made green green tomato and ginger jam, and am rather undecided about it:  on one hand, it’s nicely jam-like with a good bit of sweetness and some pep from the ginger, but then it’s also got that floral green tomato flavour that is a little unusual and unexpected.

i think the problem is that i’m not sure if i like my green tomatoes to be sweet, though i certainly love green tomatoes in spicy salsas and chutney.  i look at the jam and i expect it to taste differently than it does, which i realize really isn’t fair:  those green tomatoes are trying their damnedest to be delicious, and i oughta appreciate their work.

at any rate, maybe you already know you like green tomato jam, or have enough green tomatoes kicking around that you don’t mind risking some on this project:  my recipe is below, based on a few other versions from various websites and cookbooks.

feral geographer’s green tomato and ginger jam

yields ~ 10 cups

4.5 lbs hard green tomatoes, cored and diced
3 cups sugar (i used brown)
1/2 cup candied ginger, minced
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 tsp pomona universal pectin powder
2 tsp pomona calcium water (comes with pectin)

  • combine the tomatoes, 2 cups of the sugar, and the ginger in a large bowl, and let sit in the fridge overnight.
  • the next day, put the mixture into a large saucepan and add the lemon juice and calcium water.
  • bring to boil, stirring frequently.
  • in a small bowl, combine the remaining 1 cup of sugar with the pectin powder.
  • add the sugar and pectin mixture to the tomato mixture, and stir well.
  • return to boil, stirring frequently, then remove from heat.
  • ladle into hot sterilized jars and seal as per standard canning procedures, and process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes

a few notes:

i happened to have a bunch of candied ginger laying around, so that’s why i used it.  if you wanted to experiment, try using smaller amounts of the fresh stuff, or even some powdered root.

ditto, the sugar: brown is all i had, but others would be fine too.  honey could add a nice dimension!

likewise, i used the pomona because i had it on hand, and i don’t like long-cooked jams because i find they all get a similar cooked-sugar taste to them.  leave out the pectin entirely if you don’t mind a runny product, or if you don’t mind simmering the jam until it thickens to your liking.

some of the recipes recommended seeding the tomatoes, but i like the look of the seeds and really couldn’t be bothered.


yum, jam on toast!


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