In which I wonder if I can finish school in seven weeks

I sat down with the calender last night, and spent some time figuring out my upcoming time lines. I began school at the start of August, which means that my 25 weeks to complete the pre-apprenticeship program are up on January 22. That’s 12 weeks from now.  However, I’d really like to be done by Solstice, if only because Oats and I have committed to spending the holidays painting our apartment, and really, do I want to have my school work competing with a project such as that?

That puts my goal of finishing at Friday, December 18th:  Seven weeks. I’m on module 24 of 36 modules in total, though I still need to do the exams for 21 and 23. So, about 14 modules left, which makes it two per week.

Is that feasible?  I think it might be, if I actually spend evenings and weekends studying.  I’m struggling with making that sort of commitment, not because I don’t want to do well at school, but because I feel like I need to compensate for being unemployed and living off of Oats… Which is a sentiment that I know drives her nuts, because she is supportive as all get out, and tells me over and over that my training is an investment in our shared future.

I need to meditate on the phrase “School is my job, school is my job…” until it’s burned into my skull and has chased away lingering notions that my education in a random indulgence.


13 responses to “In which I wonder if I can finish school in seven weeks

  1. keep on keeping on…

    you’re doing awesome! we’re all proud of you, and i have absolute confidence that you can pull it off.

  2. Sounds like you’re a total school BEAST!!! I find online/module-style courses really difficult (I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire). Kudos for setting such an ambitious schedule.
    Roll with it and be happy (both for being close to finished and for a supportive partner, yay!)!

    • thanks! i too have been a big procrastinator, especially when i was in academia, but find that it’s easier in the trades because so much of what i do is hands-on. also, knowing that someone aside from myself is making this happen for me is a pretty damn big motivator, that’s for certain.

  3. For the record, I believe that my sentiments are that no one is living off of anyone, not nobody, not no how! Except later when we live off of our troupe of pugs.. do do dodododo do do doo do.

    • are you planning on breeding pugs for circus tricks? damn! good idea! or are you going to train them to just do your bidding in the world in general? either way, i’m impressed and would like to get in on this.

      • hmmm… an army of pugs doing my bidding while i take over the world bwah ha ha??! no. just circus pugs busking on the corner.

        • i fully believe pets should be forced to earn their keep….

          • i must say: i find it amazing and just a little bizarre that you two are carrying on a conversation in my blog comments without my presence… the internet is so strange.

            • also, what oats is referring to is our retirement plan: we will train pugs to dance on their hind legs and jump through hoops, and it will be our busking routine: they will do this on a downtown corner while we toddle about as cute old fogies, collecting coins from the passersby. tax-free income!

    • @oats: thank you, love… i know i know i know. and thank you.

      also, i should remind the world that i supply pickles and other canned goods, which we really *could* live off of if we had to!

  4. I gotta say: You and Oats are such an inspiration to me. This post just reminded me of so much I used to believe in, so much about what I thought relationships were all about… And that I simply forgot over the years.
    I always said that once I’d make it as a professor (assuming I ever do someday) I’ll be supporting one or more partners/lovers/friends/whatever who are struggling artists so that they can make their dreams come true. In my young man’s fantasies, it would be my lover, but to be more pragmatic, I don’t care who it is, as long as it’s somebody passionate who needs it.
    I think a lot of us, selfish human beings that we are, forgot what relationships were all about to start with. And yes, I just realized by reading this post that a “future investment for two” is something still possible.
    And yeah, ALWAYS take school as a job. That’s what allowed me to survive through till my 7th year in school (along with scholarships and such things too!)

    • thank you for the lovely comment, kama… i honestly never expected to have this sort of supportive relationship, and i think it’s amazing that you’ve thought about it already. me, i was lucky enough to wander into it!

      oats is also the first person i’ve been with who wants kids as much as i do, which has been a huge shift in my own ideas about that future investment… i hadn’t really planned on sharing this much with anyone, ever. it’s been a growth experience, to learn how to accept help and how to incorporate space for two (or more!) people’s dreams, but an extremely rewarding one.

      i’ve never treated school as a job, but then i also never got scholarships or bursaries… i bet would have though, if i’d studied harder and achieved higher marks in university. instead, i was constantly distracted by my external employment, which i was doing so that i could afford tuition in the first place! looking back, this was not the smartest move.

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