hey, queer bloggers! howsabout some sweet NaBloPoMo action?

i almost forgot, until i read it on some other blog:

National Blog Posting Month STARTS TOMMOROW!

for all the newbies, this is a challenge in which your goal is to post a blog entry every single day for an entire month.

last year was my first NaBloPoMo, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  i didn’t even manage to post every day, despite how easy i thought that’d be!  what i *did* accomplish was finding a whole online community:  some i met on the NaBloPoMo forums, and others i found on my own while searching the internets for blog post topic ideas.

one of the bloggers from this latter category is, of course, mae callen ( i googled “queer sailor blog”, in case you were wondering)… which led me to her queer ottawa blogroll… which morphed into queer canada blogs when she invited me to join in with the project… which may very well be how you, dear reader, arrived at my blog today!

the point is, i have fond associations with NaBloPoMo 2008, because it made me feel like i was connected to other bloggers.

so, i’m trying to kindle some of that magic for NaBloPoMo 2009!  there are lots of different ways to do the challenge: some folks do it all year round (!!!), some stick with the original idea of an annual event that last for only the month of november, some do the challenge on their own,  and some choose to join the official NaBloPoMo website.

personally, i’m just doing november, and i’ve joined the site.

i’ve also made a Queer Canada Blogs NaBloPoMo group, which acts as a discussion forum:  i welcome all of you to join in.

when i get some time, i’d also like to make some QCB-specific NaBloPoMo badges… suggestions are welcome!

maybe i’ll even make a prize, for the QCB blogger(s) who succeed(s) in making it through the month?

now, it’s time to strategize, and line up some blogging topics, and dig through my drafts folder for something i can dust off on those inevitable upcoming days when the LAST THING I WANT TO DO IS BLOG but still will, because i like a good challenge.


5 responses to “hey, queer bloggers! howsabout some sweet NaBloPoMo action?

  1. Queer in The City (Toronto ON) gave you a little plug for National Blogging month.

  2. Hey, thanks for the head’s up for this! I’m going to try very hard to do this. If I can’t do the month of November, can I do Nov 15 to Dec 15?

    • No problem, I’m glad there’s so much interest!

      I’m a big believer in letting the challenge be what you need it to be; as stated, I didn’t actually make it through last year’s event (I wrote only 19 posts). As to whether or not you’d still qualify for the QCB NaBloPoMo prize that I’m offering up, well… I think we might need to see what the rest of the participants say about that!

      But if you are really craving home-canned pickles or hand-knit socks, which are currently my two prize ideas, I could just send you some anyway because I like your blog, okay?

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