If your dog is a canine vacuum, avoid mushrooms.

If your dog is a canine vacuum, avoid mushrooms. This is easier said than done, here on the wet coast in autumn, but it’s still important to keep in mind. Also, consider pet health insurance, because trips to the vet are expensive and it make take a costly test or three to confirm that poison is the cause of your dog’s distress.

Mo’s doing okay, though still staying at the hospital until this evening at the earliest. I am relieved, though feeling fragile. Also, even more exhausted than a few days ago. We’ve canceled the open house/puppy warming that we’d planned for tomorrow night, because it looks like none of us will want to do much beyond cuddle on the couch.


7 responses to “If your dog is a canine vacuum, avoid mushrooms.

  1. Just stumbled onto your blog…just wanted to say, as a fellow dog-mom, “been there, done that, empathise completely”. Your little one’s a cutie. (Makes me think I need a fourth dog..hmm, don’t think the wife will go for that). Here’s to a full recovery.

  2. feralgeographer

    Thanks so much, for the comment and the commiserating! I’m glad to hear that other dogs have survived similar incidences… Yes, Mo is cute as hell! According to the vet, who called with an update on his condition, he’s charming all the staff at the hospital… This would seem to indicate that he’s recovering, because last night no one found him charming in the least ;)

    • feralgeographer

      Also… THREE dogs?!!! Cute they may be, but egads… I find one to be a lot, and am just glad that ours weighs only a dozen pounds. Maybe that’s how you could sneak in a fourth: Just say that it’s actually an alternative to the others dogs gaining weight as they age. I mean, if you spread it out, a pup like Mo would be only 4 lbs per dog, and he’s so full of energy that he’d keep them fit and active!

  3. is mo ok now? are you guys feeling better?

    • Yes, he’s better, though still has a sensitive stomach. He also has developed a runny nose, but I’m hoping that’s just a lingering after effect and not another complication. All round, we are an exhausted bunch, and are very much so looking forward to a weekend of much sleeping!

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