a puppy will break your heart

mo’s at the veterinary hospital, hopefully in recovery from an evening of severe gastric distress.  we don’t know what caused it:  it could be a reaction to the dewormer we gave him this morning, or a toxic effect from some mushroom he ate, or possibly a blockage in his digestive tract.  when i took him to the park after school, he was in fine form, but apparently it all went downhill after i left home to meet a friend at the pub.

i’m trying to be optimistic, because i ought to:  mo is in good hands, and they will take care of him as best they can.  puppies can and do recover from all sorts of crises, including bad reactions/poisonous mushrooms/blockages.  he is a strong little creature, and has a lot going for him.

i’m very grateful for excellent community support:  when oats rang me at the pub to tell me what had happened, my friend drove me all the way to the hospital… and s.u.m. and captain pestou drove oats and mo to the hospital, then stayed with us through hours and hours of waiting.  thank you, friends.

it’s almost 1 am and i’m going to bed, tired and fighting the bad worried feelings with logic and hope.  this is the first time i’ve let myself get all wrapped up in a pet since my cat died 6 years ago, the first time i’d chosen an animal instead of having them just wander into my life… i’m trying hard to let this choice still be a good one.


our boy, earlier today at the park


3 responses to “a puppy will break your heart

  1. It is a good choice… i know it is. It just moves between hard and easy sometimes. Last night was hard.

  2. Oh, I know… I don’t actually regret bringing Mo into our lives, and wouldn’t, even if last night had taken a turn for the worse. I just have so many unresolved feelings from when A died, because I know that more $$$ would have saved him and yet I made that choice. I don’t want to think about it, and feel that guilt all over again, yet it’s difficult when faced with the illness of the new little dependent animal in my care. It’s so damn hard to keep Mo from eating bad things, and my current level of vigilance is obviously not enough, no matter how many times I force him to vomit when we’re out walking together! It scares me, to think that we might not be able to protect him.

    • This may be ridiculous, but perhaps you can muzzle him for short periods in places and/or during times that pose increased risks because you can’t watch him closely.

      Not the best way to train him to stop eating everything, but there you go…

      As for the choice, good choice. I agree with Oats. No throwing the puppy out with the puppy shit. And here is hoping (wishfully?) he will be more careful with mushrooms from now on.

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