Homophobic laws in Uganda are getting me down.

Listening to the radio while washing post-breakfast dishes, I was sickened by a report that there is a bill before the Ugandan parliament to not simply outlaw homosexuality, but to make it a crime for a person to not report anyone they believe to be queer. I couldn’t turn off the program, not even as the journalist spoke of being unable to find a queer Ugandan willing to speak on-air for fear of persecution.

It absolutely terrifies me, to know that this is the reality for people like me in other parts of the world. I feel exhausted by classmates who don’t take me seriously when I object to their casual homophobia, and yet my frustration is just the tip of the iceberg for global human rights and respect.

S.U.M. happened by on a laundry run, and shared my anxious outrage as I hugged Mo, who kindly responded by falling asleep in my arms. It’s scary, agreed S.U.M., and I was relieved that she didn’t simply tell me it’s happening elsewhere so I shouldn’t worry. I *do* worry, because those same ideas of hate are what make queers unsafe the world over. Even when we aren’t being imprisoned and killed by others, we are being made to imprison and kill ourselves, out of fear and self-loathing generated by the same homophobic oppression.

You can listen to the podcast and read more on the webpage of CBC’s The Current.

Also, check out the blog of the blogger who did an email interview with The Current, Gay Uganda.

(In case it isn’t obvious, I did school tasks from home again today, and no, my mood has still not improved. In fact, I may never leave the house again… Though I suppose that would really limit my career prospects as an electrician, not to mention the annoyance it would cause my lover. Hmmmm. I’ll work on it.)


4 responses to “Homophobic laws in Uganda are getting me down.

  1. …but think about how great our wiring would be!!

    • Actually, our landlady would be stoked too, seeing as the whole building needs an electrical upgrade… If she let us off on a month or two of rent, we could make this work quite well!

  2. Visiting here from Amanda’s blog & love your site.

    I had no idea about Uganda. Makes me angry and sad. Off to read more.

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