i woke up feeling like shit, and decided that going to school would not improve things.

i woke up feeling like shit, and decided that going to school would not improve things. it turns out that staying home hasn’t been much better, but at least i can control my surroundings somewhat.  also, it’s much nicer here, because oats and i spent saturday cleaning and organizing the house:  i actually have a desk now, the bathroom isn’t icky, and the kitchen table is no longer covered in junk.

unfortunately, we’re dog-sitting again, and though i love dogs in general and have nothing personal against our latest visiting friend, he’s big and young and carries himself like a fucking mack truck.  in fact, let’s make his blog name mack, because he’s moving in down the street and will no doubt become a regular fixture in our lives. anyway, mo’s about 1/6th of mack’s size, but that doesn’t stop them from wrestling and playing like a couple of… well, puppies.  they are so engrossed in each other that most of mo’s discipline goes out the window, and mack’s not much better.  the barking is driving me bonkers, and they won’t quit on their own.  for my own sanity, i just forced a time-out, by shutting mo in his room and mack in the kitchen.  now i’m going to take some drugs, and drink some tea, and possibly some gin as well.


boring blogger gets dog and becomes even more boring, by blogging only about said dog and posting boring photos of the circles under her eyes. once i get some sleep, i might consider how to not be boring.


6 responses to “i woke up feeling like shit, and decided that going to school would not improve things.

  1. i guess i was wrong when i said that, unlike me, you would NEVER drink alone in this town… i hope you’re having something fruity with that gin.

  2. and sorry you’re feeling bad!

  3. Do it my way: Just blame it ALL on the cold (though I suppose I can’t compare BC winter and ON winter!)

    I know that all I’ve been doing since you got boring is to turn into a mushy-mushy sort of character who’s just awwww-ing at each of your posts about Mo, but I’m gonna say it anyway: “Shutting up Mo in his room” is the cutest line ever! Well if you disagree, then blame it on the ON cold and not on me, but I think it’s a very cute line. I can’t get over it actually!

    P.S: You may just need some rest and some gin. And you just came back from ON too. So give yourself time to get into the groove of things, and NO, you are not a boring blogger!

    • It was actually crushingly sunny and fine yesterday… A bit windy, but nothing really wintery that I could complain about, especially as a veteran of so many Ontario winters!

      When I put Mo in his room, he immediately went to his bed and slept for two hours without waking, which was both adorable and convenient, and made me love him as well as Oats for suggesting that we make that closet into a puppy-zone. Of course, she’s also now saying that we should make it into the baby’s room if we manage to reproduce while still living in this apartment… Is it just me, or is that not quite as cute as using it for a puppy? Though, I suppose it serve that same purpose, in terms of preserving our sanity…

      Thank you for saying that I am not boring. I feel boring, but you’re right, in that there are mitigating circumstances such as lack of sleep and a recent return from too much (non-chosen) family-time. I’ll find my groove again… I think it’s fallen under the stove…

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