i ran out of jars last week.

marisa from food in jars was right: that dill pickle recipe of hers works just as well with zucchini as with cucumber. i used one of those massive zukes, cutting it into spears like i did for the cucumbers, and made many jars. they are crisp and delicious!

it turns out that the farmer for whom i was doing this actually doesn’t like dill pickles, but she was gracious about it and said she’d give them away as gifts. this same farmer also recently told me that she had more green tomatoes for me, but if i wanted to make more salsa, requested that i please leave out the curry.


i suggested that she was referring to the cumin with which i lightly flavoured the salsa, and farmer insisted that no, it was definitely “curry”.

sure, whatever, i said, mentally noting that the client does not like cumin.

this prompted oats and i to make mean jokes about honkies who don’t know spice, cuz that’s the kind of (honky) snobs we are.

i ran out of jars last week. there were a few 1 litre ones kicking around, but there was nothing that i’d want to use for the jam or pickles that were on my to-do list.

after turning up nothing at any of the thrift stores (!!!), and getting no answer from any of the online classified ads to which i replied, i broke down and did something i’d never done before… like, ever:  i went to s@feway and bought a dozen new 250 mL jars.

they cost $15!!! ack!

then i got a phone call from one of the ads: 9 dozen salmon canning jars for $40, and they’d even deliver. woo hoo! i returned the new jars to the grocery store, breathing a sigh of relief that i wouldn’t have to break my pledge to keep a small(er) footprint with this canning obsession.

one of my classmates is a former logger from a small coastal community, and i asked him if he fished, hoping for a free salmon hook-up. turns out that he’d done a lot of crab fishing between forest contracts, but paid top price for his fish just like everyone else. yesterday, he brought me a jar of his salmon, and asked for the jar back; i did him one better, and returned from my trip home at lunch with a jar of dill pickles instead.

we’re leaving at an unholy hour tomorrow morning for our trip to ontario, and i’m trying to get a million things done while a puppy tries to sleep on my lap.  i’m going to miss him.


latest batch of bread-and-butter pickles at left, salmon in jar turned on side in rear centre, zucchini dill pickle in bowl at front centre, jar of zucchini dills at right.


One response to “i ran out of jars last week.

  1. Reminds me of the landlord who, when interviewing me over the phone, expressed interest in the origin my name, or so I thought. When informed of my nationality she shared her concern that “our” cooking stains the walls and leaves a strong odour.

    Goodness f%#*ing gracious me, these fellows are truly flabbergasting, I am telling you what!

    Good for you for not getting into a discussion with her, it would have gotten your curry bubbling over!

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