in which family comes to visit


mo’s sister is staying with us for the next 5 days. her name is a word that is most often used to refer to the end of the world, but we’ll call her po for short.

the theory is that two puppies will keep each other busy and tire one another out, resulting is better dogs. in practice, it’s been quite noisy and rather violent. the brief hours since she has been chez nous, they have fought so much that po has a neat scrap of fur missing from her left shoulder, though no skin was broken.

usually, mo roughhouses for a good 1/2 hour, then crashes on the closest lap in a deep sleep for the same amount of time. not so with these two pups together: they chased (terrorized?) one another for over an hour and a half, barking and growling and bouncing off the walls. now they’re sleeping, but only because oats and i have each held one of them firmly in our arms until they calmed down.

i’m damned glad we have the puppy room, originally a walk-in closet coming off the bedroom. when i first moved in here over a year ago, i took down half the shelving in the closet to hang my bicycles, and used the rest of the space for clothing and milk crates of art supplies/tools. once oats and i moved back here together and we knew that mo was coming to live with us, oats spent an evening re-purposing a wooden book shelf by making it into a beautiful gate on a hinge with a big brass latch, spanning the closet doorway. the floor is the same fake wood laminate as the rest of the apartment, which is easy to mop: voila, a puppy-den was born! even as they play rough with one another, mo and po can be safely contained. unfortunately, it doesn’t stop their noise from carrying.


2 responses to “in which family comes to visit

  1. Oh My! So cute! So cute! Soooooooooo cute! I want a dog too now :(

  2. dude, they are SO FUCKING NOISY! yes, get A SINGLE DOG, i highly recommend it… but for fuck’s sake, at the end of a rough day like today, the last thing wanted to come home to was their horrific barking and howling.

    cute, though, you’re quite right. especially when unconscious.

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