the view at my feet


a very sleepy puppy, wondering why the hell i’m interrupting his nap

mo came home to live with us yesterday evening, about 3.5 weeks before we expected:  a happy surprise, though not without its share of difficulties.  such as, i’ve never had a puppy before this, and hadn’t yet read any books on how-to-raise-the-best-dog-in-the-world.  but hey!  guess what?  puppies are just like human babies!

yes, he cried.

a lot.

i suppose i would too, if i were suddenly expected to sleep alone after living my entire (9 weeks of) life surrounded by siblings and other dogs.  still though, the crying was hard. it reminded me very much of my younger sister’s days as an infant, when we shared a bedroom.  my dad and stepmom believed in letting her “cry it out”, which really sucked.  following that theory of child-rearing, it’s probably my fault that she’s become a lovely but rather self-centered young woman with a big sense of entitlement, because i used to break the rules by responding to her wailing.  (then again, maybe she’s just a regular 19-year-old and i don’t have enough distance from that age to appreciate it!)

anyway.   last night we discovered that since my days of baby-comforting almost 20 years ago, i have developed a great capacity to sleep through the crying of any young creature.  oats is a more attentive parent, getting up a few times in the night and then letting mo slumber on her chest while she stretched out on the livingroom couch, unable to return to sleep herself and unwilling to let mo wake up the rest of the house with the fit he’d pull if he were returned to his crate.  i know:  she’s a jewel, and i’m damn lucky.


here he is last night, snuggling into the neck of his newly-met aunty s.u.m.


3 responses to “the view at my feet

  1. things i like: mo’s long face, that he is a ‘happy surprise’, that you are struggling with your transition from permissive parenting in your youth to spockian parenting now (i’m just kidding -i know dogs are different!). also i like that oats is so awesome.

  2. also, check your email.

  3. more pictures of mo! NOW!

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