MTF cyclist Kristen Worley talks about Caster Semenya, sports, and gender on The Current

Gender, oppression, critical analysis, AND my most beloved of sports, bicycling!  You can get it all on Part III of Monday’s edition of CBC’s The Current, when host Anna Maria Tremonti interviewed elite competitive cyclist and MTF trans person Kristen Worley

I generally listen to the radio while cooking (canning…), and this piece was just excellent:  Good commentary on the horrid treatment of Caster Semenya, and an articulate look at the bigger picture of how gender is constructed as a binary despite the natural diversity of sexes and sexual expressions.

The piece could have been improved by a look at the racial undertones of the conflict, but at this point I’m simply thrilled that there was some trans content on mainstream radio.  Yay for intersectionality!


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