in recovery, enjoying the rain


celebratory bubbles stuck in the grass, at the garry oak meadow where k and w were married... congratulations, my friends!

it’s the sunday of the holiday weekend, and i’m laying on my old couch in my old living room, under my old duvet: all things i’ve been missing since i left here last april. the view out the window has changed somewhat, in that the greenery has become very overgrown and i’m mostly looking at leaves and the grey rainy sky. still, it is nice and comforting. if i keep my head turned towards the window, i can almost pretend that this couch isn’t the only accessible piece of furniture in an otherwise completely disorganized mess of boxes, tables, artwork, and electronics.

yes, we still haven’t unpacked from moving last monday.

personally, i feel as though i lost the last 6 days of my life. even the wedding on friday is a bit of a blur, despite the fact that i’d stopped swigging the codeine cough syrup on thursday night so that i’d be sober enough to drive around on pre-event errands.

after caring for me all this past week, oats has taken ill herself and is currently napping in the bedroom. there’s lentil soup in the crock pot, jello in the fridge, and another day off tomorrow, so we’ll be alright. still, it worries me to have been so sick, and now to have her going down too, because right now we’ve got so few responsibilities compared to our planned future.  when the puppy arrives next month, and then kids a couple years after that, it’s not going to be so easy to simply drop everything and succumb to a chest infection.  i mean, really:  i just won’t be able to do it.

oats says we’ll have to have a much more organized life in general, so that things can keep going if one of us is sick. it’s a good point, i write as i glance around at the insanity that is our apartment…  even though i don’t need a cheese grater or comic books or sewing machine at this very moment, it’d be easier to cope with being sick if i at least knew where these things were, if i felt like everything else was in order.

i like the rain, though.  as much as i’m sorry for my friends who’d planned on camping/sailing/partying today and tomorrow, i’m glad that i’ve got this excuse for sticking close to home.


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