on bedrest, tripping out on illness/opiates

i attributed the wheezing this past weekend to cleaning-induced asthma, from all the dust flying about as we emptied oats’ apartment.  the coughing fits began on monday:  i figured these were from going up and down all the stairs, and loading/unloading the truck.  yesterday i could barely get out of bed, and had added sneezing and a runny nose to my repetoir.  finally went to the doctor last night, and it turns out i’ve got a chest infection aggravated by asthma, or asthma aggravated by a chest infection.  today i have two new inhalers, plus some codeine-laced cough syrup, and i’m on hardcore bedrest.

i’m missing school, and thus will be losing my place at the front of my cohort, but at least i’m too drugged to feel bad about it.  it’s so strange, to be laying here in my old apartment and tripping out on illness/opiates:  the view from the windows is familiar, but everything else is different from what i’d expect in this setting.  i’m surrounded by a mess of boxes and oats’ furniture, and the cat cuddled up next to my hip isn’t my old gamin but rather oats’ funny little ballou.  i’m pleasantly confused by everything.


2 responses to “on bedrest, tripping out on illness/opiates

  1. Eeek! I certainly hope you’re feeling better soon, feral geographer. Being ill and having to lift numerous heavy boxes is never a good combination. :S

  2. thanks, miz moffatt… luckily i was still in denial about being sick on moving day, which made it a lot easier. now that i’ve agreed with what my body has been telling me, there’s no way i’d lift any boxes, full stop. i swear, i’d cough myself into a faint instead…

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