a home more home-ish than ever before.

we moved today, from oats’ place where i’ve been living since returning from australia, to my old apartment that i’d sublet out while away. my beloved upstairs neighbour, puma, hugged me as we unloaded boxes in the driveway, and said “welcome home.”

some evening this week, we will have a house-family barbecue on the upstairs patio: us, captain pestou, puma, and the amazing landlady, whose house adjoins ours to the east.

oats made the move too, giving up her lovely little studio above the square… which is what made it a move, as opposed to me simply coming home to my still-furnished apartment. i say it’s not “me simply coming home”, but only because it’s so much more than that: this home is more home-ish than it ever has been before.


2 responses to “a home more home-ish than ever before.

  1. She is so very happy to have her darling neighbour back with the charming Oats! The Curmudgeonly Cat agrees, judging by the way he nuzzled your ankle.

    Sleep well!

    Ciao ciao.

  2. merci, ma cherie!

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