PD just called: the little black puppy is ours!

according to him, MD had just put that ad online “as a safeguard” in case people flaked out on adopting the pups… to which we say BULLSHIT! as oats pointed out, what happened to the other two puppies that she’d already sold? but anyway, if that’s what PD chooses to believe in order to preserve his friendship with MD, more power to him. rock on. whatever. all i care about is that they both agree that the puppy is OURS!!!

(and we don’t have to pay $300 for him.)

earlier today, we’d visited the SPCA and even went so far as walking a lovely 8 month old dog who might have been perfect if it weren’t for the fact that we’re moving this weekend. really, it’s not fair for us to bring home a dog until things are settled, in another month or so… which is right when mono will be coming to live with us!

fuck, i’m so happy.


5 responses to “WE’RE GETTING THE PUPPY!!!!

  1. yei! yei! yei!

    Congrats! :D

  2. feralgeographer

    thanks! to be honest, i’m very nervous… it’s like we’re becoming parents… ha!

  3. ha ha ha! it sounded that like, but I didn’t want to point out to it! :P :P

  4. YAY… Can I bring Judah over to meet him?

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