in which we uncover a slimy plot involving puppies

this puppy situation has taken a turn for the odd and unjust.

last night, we got a phone call from the friend-of-a-friend whose dog sired the puppies.  let’s call him Poppa Dawg, or PD for short.  so PD called and said that he’d finally gotten a hold of his “friend”, the woman whose dog is the mother of the puppies.  we can call her Momma Dawg, or MD, for the sake of simplicity.

PD told us that MD had found homes for two of the remaining puppies, and was going to get rid of one of her other dogs (!!!) so that she could keep the third (and final) puppy for herself.  as PD hadn’t met these other potential puppy owners, he expressed to us that he wasn’t entirely comfortable with the situation, and had given MD a week in which to finalize things, including arranging for him to meet these other people.

PD apologized for the confusion and frustration, said that he was feeling it too, and that he wouldn’t blame us if we wanted to give up on the whole thing and start looking elsewhere.  i told him that we actually *were* already looking elsewhere, but would still love one of his puppies if they became available because they are so perfect.

later in the evening, oats began to peruse the pets section of the local online classifieds.  suddenly she asked if i remembered what the momma dog had looked like.  “why?” i asked. oats turned her computer so that i could see the photo on the screen: there she was, with the text below.

mix breed puppies 3 males left great markings 30 lbs full grown
3 male pups left from litter of seven. Mom is a lab/border terrier (24 lbs) Dad is a blue heeler/lab/border collie/shepherd… who knows! At 35 lbs. Pups are coming up on 5 weeks. $100.00 deposit to hold. One all black, one black/brindle with tan markings, one black with tan and white markings. Will be extremely agile, intelligent, slim and loyal. Please email – serious inquiries and GOOD HOMES only. Photo is of mom.

this is an exact description of PD’s puppies.

at first, we were confused.

when PD and i talked about the puppies initially, a week and a half ago, i had assumed that there was a price attached.  PD corrected me, saying that all they wanted was for the pups to go to good homes.  he had bred his dog because his dog is awesome, and he wanted his friends to have the opportunity for similar companionship.

when we went to meet the puppies last saturday, PD said that 3 puppies had already been “spoken-for”, not “sold”.

he used the same wording the day after that, when he called to say that MD informed him she’d found homes for the other pups.

besides which, $300 is a lot of money but not an outrageous sum, so if things had changed and they’d decided to charge for the puppies, why wouldn’t PD have mentioned this to us?

that’s when it became clear: PD HAD NO IDEA THAT MD WAS SELLING THE PUPPIES.

obviously, we had to tell him.  but first, we needed to confirm that this was the same woman who’d posted the ad.

have i ever mentioned that oats is an excellent sleuth?  i don’t know if it’s the mystery novels or the CSI or the L&O or what, but she’s quite clever.  back on the computer, oats did a search through the local online classifieds for other listings from the same user as the puppy advertisement.  the result was a goldmine.

MD hadn’t been home when PD had taken us to see the pups last weekend, so even though we’ve never met her, we know a lot of random trivia about her… as it turns out, enough to confirm her identity as the advertiser selling the puppies.  there was a request for a mattress to be delivered to her house that included a map, which confirmed that this was the same location we’d visited; an offer to stud her shih tzu, with a photo of another dog whom we’d met at her place; and a request for an apartment with a dog-friendly yard, which mentioned her profession and other personal details that PD’d shared with us.

so, to recap:

according to PD, MD had “found good homes” for all the puppies.

according to the ad online, there are still 3 puppies available to the first people with $300 per dog… including the sweet little black one that we’d been wanting.

i texted PD: “it seems MD is selling the puppies online for $300 each.  i’m confused.  call me?”

my phone rang 15 minutes later, and PD said, “i just received a very disturbing text message from you.”

we were right:  he had no idea.

as PD doesn’t have internet at home, i read the ad to him and explained the rest of the evidence.  honestly, i thought he was gonna cry, he was so sad and shocked.  he thanked me, and told me he needed to process the situation.

poor guy.

i don’t know what’s going to happen now, but at least we know that there’s a reason why communications between PD and MD have been so convoluted around this puppy thing: it’s not that PD’s a “a sweet but flaky hippy-type” as i’d called him in my previous post, but rather that MD is a selfish schemer who was trying to secretly make a buck off their puppies.

some “friend”:  she was going to fuck him over.

needless to say, at this point we’ve decided to really look elsewhere for our new canine family member!  i suppose we could still end up with our sweet little monolyth, but i’m pretty committed to avoiding any of this dramatic slimy bullshit so won’t be pursuing it any longer.

having said that… just for kicks, oats emailed a response to MD’s ad, inquiring about the puppies.  we haven’t heard back yet, but i’m thinking of all the condemning things i want to write if she contacts us.


2 responses to “in which we uncover a slimy plot involving puppies

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! That’s *INSANE*!!! Utterly and totally insane! I can’t believe it.

    This being said, your anecdote was the best story I read in a very long time. It makes a good story, however sad and crazy it seems. And I awwww-ed a lot for PD. I mean… Awww… Poor boy!

    Please keep us updated on what happens ultimately when/if PD confronts MD.

    • feralgeographer

      glad you enjoyed the story… i mean, we kinda did too, except for the parts where we weren’t going to get to have the puppy!

      PD really is nice, but maybe toooooo nice, you know? when i asked him about it today, it didn’t sound like he’d confronted MD so much as accepted her version of events. she was chatting with him in the background when he called to say that mono is ours. like i said in my latest post though, i really don’t care, as long as i’m not part of the drama anymore… which i hope won’t be the case!

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