still waiting/packing/rocking

still waiting on word regarding puppy.  am kicking self for getting into this sort of situation with a sweet but flaky hippy-type, aka the owner of the poppa dog… i probably shoulda known that “yes, four of these puppies are looking for homes, i’d love you to choose one!” actually meant something more along the lines of “well, i think you’re nice and i’d like you to have a puppy so i’ll offer you one even though i haven’t got any sort of arrangement with the person who is taking care of them and she may also be offering the same puppies to other people at this very moment in time”.

le sigh.

still packing, moving on monday.  oats and i took apart the gorgeous phonograph/radio cabinet, or rather, gutted it:  the innards were gladly received by a local shop that restores antique radios, though not before i took some photos of them (see new header image!).  the cabinet itself is now light enough that i can actually lift one side of it, which is to say that it’s still one heavy fucking piece of solid wood furniture.  we’re thinking of installing small speakers inside it, and a video projector, as a modern take on the entertainment unit that it once was back in the day.

still rocking it in the classroom:  am at the top of my cohort, and feeling rather proud.  tomorrow i’m meeting with a representative of a program that provides support to women studying trades, and i hope to be able to use their resources to leverage a job for the new year.  that’s one thing my cleverness can’t help with:  most of my classmates seem to have electricians in their families or social circles, and so will be getting an inside scoop on employment.  me?  nada… some friends have offered an introduction to a sailing friend of theirs, who is an electrician at the dockyards (which would be a great place to work!), but i’ve yet to actually meet an electrician and chat them up about job opportunities.  it’s a hurdle, but i’m trying to figure out how to get around it.


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