some days, you just don’t.

in my overly-positive post a couple days ago about addressing casual homophobia, here’s the part that i didn’t mention: some days, you just don’t have the fucking energy to deal with it.

i’m guessing that most of you probably know this already, but it’s worth stating anyway.

i spent all of today doing schoolwork with my music blaring louder than usual in my headphones so that if (and when) any of my classmates threw around their homophobic bullshit, i wouldn’t have to hear it.

the reason i’m exhausted is a good one: i stayed until the end of the wedding last night, and am running on very little sleep. it was an excellent party, as was the ceremony beforehand… sweetened by the sight of my love dressed in her most dapper ensemble.

heightening the general ennui induced by the lack of sleep is sad news: things are up in the air regarding the puppy. it seems that there was some confusion among the owners of the momma and poppa dogs, and the puppies may already all be spoken for. needless to say, oats and i are very upset about this. we’ll find out for sure on wednesday, and until then are just holding our collective breath.

oh, so dapper!

oh, so dapper!


5 responses to “some days, you just don’t.

  1. Indeed, some days you just don’t. And some days, you just can’t either. And do you ever feel like it’s not worth it: not worth giving it a try? I think I sometimes feel like that– too helpless or the situation seems too ridiculous to even try ‘coz the try may just prove too futile an attempt.

    Anyway, good vibes for the puppy.

  2. hmmm yes, it gets tiring (infuriating?) to feel like you are there as someone elses’ educational experience. Some days I cannot be a.r.s.e.d.

    I wrote about this after an incident of silence a while ago…

    …and lookee here, reading your post now I still know exactly what you’re on about.

    …*puppy love*

  3. feralgeographer

    yes, ridiculous, especially to be put in the position of explaining our very existence.

    i try keep reminding myself of how badly they hurt themselves with their ignorance.

    thanks for the commiserating, friends… and the puppy-positivity!

  4. I know what you mean about not having the energy to deal with homophobia. Some days I can’t do it either. But I try to make it for it the next day. :)
    BTW I’d like to thank you for helping set up Queer Canada Blogs coz I’ve found many interesting bloggers who I had never heard of before…

    • feralgeographer

      thanks, for the comment and the kudos. the QCB is a real labour of love for me, because i absolutely love tracking down new blogs to add… there’s so many good ones cropping up every day!

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